2022: Condo Living Trends

Elegance is one of the first qualities that your visitors will notice. It certainly causes a favorable and lasting first impression. White is a very classic high-contrast partner that sets off the deep hue and gives the navy a lively lift. The accent of gold from the chandelier, accessories, and wall art has the perfect living space combination that feels like royalty. Crystal Chandelier transforms the space with its glamour and sheer exuberance. There really is no other lighting fixture that can compete with the beauty and elegance of a chandelier. It welcomes and makes everything look beautiful at the same time.

Condo unit design at Salcedo Sky Suites Makati City developed by Megaworld Corp.


Gold is the new black! The immeasurable benefits of mirrors use of a grand reflective surface as a central feature. The addition of a mirror makes it much brighter and more spacious. Mirrors make a significant contribution to the interior design of the residential and commercial spaces, in the functional as well as in the decorative context. These act as beautiful accent pieces and love the amount of glamour it adds.

High end condo unit design proposal for young couple at Salcedo Sky Suites developed by Megaworld Corp.


Bright and lively. White, Navy, and Gold, this trio brings the space of feeling royalty and elegance. The fur rugs create a sensation of warmth. Beyond the impression of its beauty and aesthetics, rugs definitely have been an essential part of home interior design and decoration. It all goes hand in hand to create the perfect tranquil
ambiance to any interior decor.

Living room design proposal for a young couple at Salcedo Sky Suites Makati City developed by Megaworld Corp.


Gold is very timeless and sophisticated. A dash of gold instantly brings brightness to the room and with metals currently part of top decorating trends, now is the time to try out a bit of golden glitz. Decorative vases make a quiet console table centerpiece, chic in its simplicity. The space becomes elegant because of the color scheme
used. It made clean and sleek interiors that are easily stylized and where the colors compliment each other.

Proposed condo unit interior design for a young couple at Salcedo Sky Suites Makati City developed by Megaworld Corp.


The gold gives a strong visual impact around the space while the crystal chandelier leads the space with
conviction and drama. This room’s glamorous design harmoniously combines the tranquility of white color with
a glamorous gold accent in a fascinating balance.


Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.
– Brian Reed


2022: Interior Design Inspirations

“Designers and people in general are too attracted by ‘new’, but nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. All my objects reflect [a] marriage between past and present.”
– Marcel Wanders

Rich and warm tones are used to create an alluring and enveloping glow. A well-designed dining space is pleasingly inviting. The design should be both striking or appealing for hosting gatherings or even intimate conversations between the family. The elegant accent wall partition with intricate lines made the space stand out. This partition does not only separate intimate places but is also provides a good focal point. A one-of-a-kind floral centerpiece also daunts this dining space.

Model Unit/ Showroom Design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland Inc


“A combination of texture, soft patinas, warm woods, and old stone mixed with down-filled furniture, graphic textiles, and ceramics creates spaces that are easy, comfortable, and warm.”
– Mark Cunningham

Maximize your dining space with comfortable seating. The choice of furniture pieces goes well together and form a balance making the space look harmonious. Dining chair trends are leans more on the sophisticated upholstered options. For this design, aside from upholstered dining chair, a solid wood bench is also a good pick as it is considered one of the timeless furniture to date. The partition will definitely catch your attention with its exquisite design. It completes the look of the dining space with its unique design.

Dining room design for South Forbes Showroom developed by Cathayland Inc


“Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.”
– Kathryn Ireland

A console table allows you to get creative by creating your own vignettes. Vignettes are curated in style and statements made up of a group of objects. In decorating a vignette, one should have an “anchor point” which would draw the attention of the viewer. For this console table, the painting is a perfect example of an anchor point. The abstract painting on this photo is a statement piece and adds visual weight and may poke the interest of your viewer. A perfect table arrangement could effortlessly make your space look sophisticated and attractive.

Condo unit transformation at Woodsville Viverde Mansions developed by Robinsons Land Corp.


“Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.”
– Albert Hadley

A dazzling chandelier brings character and glamour to any space. It provides a great focal point as it hangs down from that high ceiling. Every light fixture adds personality to a space so it is very important that it matches and coordinates well to your choice of furniture. This ball-shaped chandeliers are well spaced from one another is definitely the highlight of this ceiling design. The high mounted venetian blinds are also popular today. It is considered very effective in keeping the heat out but still let some of the natural light seep in.

Home renovation project at AFPOVAI Village located at Taguig City


“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Add a hint of pattern to your design! Wallpapers are great investments. It made the space look more interesting and stylish. Decorative printed pillows are also effective home accessories. They add a pop of color and texture to your interior space. It shows off a bit of one’s personality and one of the important perks is that you can change it from time to time when you feel like so. Floating shelves provide a good wall decoration and seem to work everywhere. For this one, it is well-placed above a corner cabinet. They are not just easy to install, it is also a great decorative piece once ornated.

Condo unit renovation project at Azure Urban Resorts developed by Century Properties


2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Clean and bold transitional style in minimal mix of warm with cool tones. The materials and textures of this space makes each furniture stand out on its own and at the same time blends harmoniously. Using white walls as canvas with neutral loveseat sofa accentuated with gold furniture, cherry wood console table with a pop of gray ottomans and greens. Adding statement paintings to top it off.

Elegant and warm ambience as you enter this dining room. Majority of the materials in this space is cherry wood, upholstered golden yellow fabric accentuated with crystal chandelier, gold mirror and muted blush pink black out curtain.

Beige and cream palette with blue accent accessories are use in this corner. It gives a clean and classic look, that can provide a sense of relaxation.

This clean and simple atmosphere was put together through the use of wood elements, neutral tone and greens. This alfresco dining and bar are perfectly combined in a white plain wall and flooring.

Done with the dirty, messy construction phase and finishes of this condo unit. Now we are finally styling and accessorizing this unit.

We miss the days when we can casually visit a furniture showroom exhibit at Camerich Philippines. Throwback with the CMV Interior Design Team.

Texture in design using cherry wood and carmine red for this reception area. It blends with the plain white canvass, that gives the reception more focal point and astonishing factor for customers.

Simple but bold in colors. The atmosphere in this lounge area at GAC Motor Car Showroom, gives off a strong and modern sense of interior space. The boldness of the carmine red blended with the neutral colors, that made this space exquisitely harmonious in design.

Naturally classic and elegant. This powder room emits a hotel looking atmosphere, having glossy finishes, accentuated with a small black wall, a gold-black floor lamp and neutral love seat.

Shades of grey, rich wood and greens that creates a depth in this powder room. Provides a sense of feeling fresh and calm. Aesthetically simple but elegant interior that gives another level of sophistication.

Its impressive monochromatic look emits neutrally calming space. The statement painting blends well with the atmosphere of this interior space making you feel relax. Topping it off with a unique solid looking side table.

Strong and bold impression as you pass by this corner. Its richness of wood merges with the accentuated strong black color of furniture pieces and the pop of green created a balance of life from the richness of wood and black.

Starting from hollow blocks, concrete floors, blank walls and many more construction phases, in making this residential dream house to come true. Ongoing interior design project at Portofino Las Pinas

Balance of strong hue is what you can feel and see in this interior space. A play of different strong hues, a solid midnight blue wall as the center accent wall and combination of plain white wall. A balance of red and black accessories to create sophisticated looking bedroom.

A pop of warm tones to put together with white as the main shade of this interior space. Represents the neutrality of this space, with mellow yellow and crimson red as an accent. That perfectly produces a balance from its minimal patterns.

Modern Filipino Townhouse Design

MODERN FILIPINO HOME STYLE Interior Design | Alabang Townhouse Design 2020

Bright and Natural Light. The choices of Furniture, Wall accents, and color schemes blended well together with a wall and ceiling color tone. Simple proportions for each piece of furniture and accents, open, soft, and balanced spaces. Painted a wall with clean beige and brown colors that made the space looks bigger and lighter. Open spaces, using some glass as accent or display. Natural lighting and neutral colors blend well with these spaces.

Interior Design Project (behind the scenes)

INTERIOR DESIGN BEHIND THE SCENE | Interior Design Story | Work in Progress

Our design process consists of 5 major stages. Mostly, it includes teamwork with our CMV Design team and clients. Most renovation and enhancement projects could take up to 3-6 months to finish or even 1-2 years depending on the workflow of the project. We value our client’s time and resources by making sure that every project is well planned and organized in paper to avoid trial and error during the construction phase.

DAZZLING & BRIGHT: Condo Unit Transformation

DAZZLING & BRIGHT | Loft Type Condo Unit at Bonifacio Global City

Finished project at Fort Victoria Towers Less is more. Bare essentials and uncluttered spaces speak about minimalism. The design leans more on functionality and practicality. The monochromatic color palette complements the airy and bright setup. Key furniture pieces such as the stool and sofa added character to space. Cohesive white details and good light sources tied up the cozy atmosphere of the space.

CMV Interior Designs, a Manila-based interior design firm that focuses on the residential and commercial interior. Founded by Christine Manalo-Villamora in April 2014, her design approach exudes contemporary and chic interiors. With over 10 years of professional practice in Interior Design in the Philippines, our group specializes in designing high-end residential properties and commercial spaces. A design company that aims to provide beautifully designed spaces for that LIFESTYLE UPGRADE that our client deserves.

Joyful Patterns: Condo Unit Design

JOYFUL PATTERNS Condo Unit Design at Rhapsody Residences 2020 | CMV Interior Designs

An eye-catching accent wall is a joy to watch as it redefines the mood of a space. The neutral backdrop made the interior look more welcoming and sophisticated. The mix and match of patterns from the beddings to the curtains and the wall is well-coordinated and matches the theme of the room. There is a rule that designers follow, to use a maximum of three patterns in one room. Pairing up textures and patterns creates a striking visual effect. Good lighting placement lends the space a sense of serenity and glow.

Condo Unit Makeover: DUBLIN Inspired

Condo Unit Makeover Dublin Design | Porto Vita Towers 2020 | Interior Designs

In this video, we will show you how we designed this bare condo unit located at Cubao Quezon City. For this project, we used wallpaper for an accent wall with circular patterns and red accent pillows for the sofa. Inspired by the lifestyle of our client in Dublin Ireland. Lively and serene. The Dublin lifestyle portrays eclectic, quirky, and colorful interiors and executes with the utmost of style that makes a modern home. Just like the color scheme combination, orange is a mix of the energy of red with the happiness of yellow to create enthusiasm, resulting in a vibrant hue. It is a sense of luxury that’s understated and promotes a calm atmosphere. A circle symbolizes harmony and unity where it leaves an impressive outline toward the wall in the living area.

2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Bright Bold color can be warm and soothing. Energizing and turns up the warmth and makes the room more inviting. Adding the upholstered tufted headboard gives a soft touch mélange with white ceiling, linens and pillows enough to make the orange refreshing and crisp.
Views of the Cityscape in the background pimped up the room and embracing the spirit of the city.

Nook; a secluded corner perfect for a small working space. Vibe up with a sleek wood table and a vintage leather chair complete the looks of elegance in pocketed space. Blending with a warm wood flooring and nude wall made the nook stood up. Drapery with a splash of blue tone, shading the space in the warm sun during the day and white sheer gives the silhouette of nightscape complete the perfect space for a working from home set up.

Finished condo renovation project at Two Serendra BGC developed by Alveo Land

Subtle Muted; a perfect word to liberate space. With a black metal farmhouse bedframe, soft white crisp linen and molded white wall with a petite modern wood bedside table accessorized with mini table lamp and a dash of texture, accent with gold frame artwork on the walls, all you wish with this look is just a good night sleep on this comfy subtle bedroom.

Finished condo unit renovation project at Two Serendra BGC developed by Alveo Land

Vibrant Red! A splash of vibrancy in a neutral tone space says a lot of things, sensual in a quiet night, energy in a monotone space, and warmth in a cold night. Red can do much on space. This vibes of neutral palette combination of wood flooring, white walls, soft velvety upholstery, and a metal wood furnishing all you can wish for a quiet night chillin’ in a homey, but a punch of red says more!

Finished interior design project at Two Serendra BGC developed by Alveo Land

Elegance is all about shin, smooth and pattern gives depth to this living space. Listening to smooth classical music while sipping a glass of wine is all you can imagine in this design. Lighting and shading in a proper space bring the room a certain depth of elegance. Balancing the look by putting a full-length curtain, smooth upholstered sofa, and sleek furniture and never miss out on lustrous foliage on the corner all fit perfectly on a nightcap of elegance before bedtime.

Finished interior design project at Two Serendra BGC developed by Alveo Land

Deep Red! Says more on a room. Has a distinct impact on a good flow of energy, evokes a feeling of excitement on the subtle shade of the wall, ceiling, and linens. It blends perfectly on the dark wood tone of the furniture and flooring. Lighting fixtures dangling on the ceiling is a great accent on the room’s ambiance, emphasizing the room’s vibrancy.

Finished condo renovation at The Sequoia Tower, Serendra located at BGC

“Black & White” – A sharp white cabinet color and smooth black line for countertop and cooktop make me want to sing along while cooking in this beautifully executed kitchen design. Enclosed cabinetry designs are suited superb to clutter-free and organize the kitchen. Mosaic backsplash adds textures to the whole looks and feels.

Finished kitchen renovation project at The Sequoia Tower located at BGC

Black & White continuity of color palette to the whole design. From lighting fixtures, accent door handles and appliances are all executed in harmony. Textures in cabinetry by beveling and grooving are enough to give depth and contrast to the polished finish of the countertop. Blending all in the canvass of white walls and floor. Exquisitely Executed!!!

Finished kitchen renovation at Two Serendra BGC developed by Alveo Land

Symmetrically laid out a piece of art to stand out beautifully and showcase the festive vibes. Gives certain depth and bold use of colors that carry out every piece of furnishing. Neutralizing the ambiance by the use of nude tones to the vibrancy of colors that blend well together that creates elegance in simplicity.

Finished living room design for modern-day and empowered Filipina

The intricate pattern of craftsmanship by use of wood paneling, vibes that fantastically bring out the plain wall to a hotel-like feel dining space. The use of a mirror in the background gives a certain dimension of a bigger space. The yellow ochre tone radiates a metallic feel of gold which brings out luxurious and expensive ambiance to this dining space. A little piece of fauna in the vase completes the look.

Model Unit and Showroom interior design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland

Craving for a layered homey interior space?! This bedroom space is exactly what is layered means, the use of dark walnut wood furniture radiates traditional looks. Mélange with some colors vibrant to nude tone, playing with textures and patterns adding depth, richness, and character to space. The layering of design doesn’t mean to be scary but versatility.

Model Unit and Showroom design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland

White doesn’t need to be plain. The room speaks for it, white walls and ceiling serve as a canvass, dash up with patterns by use of wallcovering. Textures by playing with paint in a metallic tone. Blending with the richness of wood molding and doors. Accessorizing with curves and shapes and a splash of colors thru wall art completes the look of this white room but with distinct flare.

Model Unit and Showroom design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland Inc.

Nostalgia and tradition what defines this bedroom space. Dark wood furniture brings out the traditional and nostalgic ambiance but will never go wrong to intensify the space by dashing some colors of fierce thru red tone and orange brings out the energy to this room. Layering some patterns to the wall gives striking features that make the room bold and symmetrical.

Model Unit and Showroom design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland Inc

Line and shape define this space. With contrasting shape and size of furniture blend with the softness of neutral colors and insert a dash of red and pastel yellow-orange tone thru accessories give this space a harmonious feel and stylish vibe. Space is all about Chic and Sleek!!!

Model Unit and Showroom design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland Inc

Flare-up the white!! White does not mean plain, a dash of textures, pinch shape, and curve, a splash of lively colors. And a little contrasting wood outline. Brings out the majestic whiteness of this bedroom. White cannot be dull or boring a right mind of creativity brings this space majestic looks.

Model Unit and Showroom design for South Forbes developed by Cathayland Inc

All about being stylish and whimsical. Upholstered tufted furniture with the use of pastel color for linens and pillows defines the room style. The bright white wall accentuated with textures thru wallcovering and lightings gives a lively and inviting feels to this bedroom space.

Bedroom design for a modern-day and well-traveled Filipina

This stunning space radiates elegance and chicness. Curves thru the architectural features of the staircase match the furniture’s selections. Stylish choice of colors thru upholstered fabric and its center piece gold frame artwork, white walls, and floors in polished posh epitomize an amazing interior style of elegance.

Living room design for modern-day Filipina and #LadyBoss