TV Cabinet Ideas for Your Home

TV Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Living Room | Design+Decor Guide [2020] | Interior Designs In this video, we will show you different cabinet design ideas. This will help you to have an idea for the renovation of your living room upgrade. The TV cabinet design ideas on this video are from our actual projects.

2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Table setting may not be the important to some, but it definitely adds more personality to the design when done right. It creates a certain atmosphere and becomes the focus of an entire decor. Setting a table isn’t difficult, all you really need is a theme or a color palette and some centerpieces to setContinue reading “2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects”

Start Up Interior Design Firm

STARTUP INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM | Start-Up Stories | ASK CMV Why did you decide to start your own interior design firm? CMV: The growth was very organic. There was a big demand at that time and I just responded to that demand. I am very grateful to do what I’ve always wanted to do… toContinue reading “Start Up Interior Design Firm”

Stylish Accent with Wallpaper

STYLISH ACCENT WALLPAPER Condo Unit Design | The Residences At Greenbelt 2020 One of the best ways to add interest to your interiors is through wallpapers. A simple pattern or texture creates a good focal point within the space. Meanwhile, it is with no doubt mirrors make every space look bigger. It creates a goodContinue reading “Stylish Accent with Wallpaper”

Interior Design Styles & Concept Guides

DESIGN STYLES | YOUR CONCEPT GUIDE Christine Manalo Villamora Interior Designs We are CMV Interior Designs, a Manila-based interior design firm that focuses on the residential and commercial interior. Founded by Christine Manalo-Villamora in April 2014, her design approach exudes contemporary and chic interiors. With over 10 years of professional practice in Interior Design inContinue reading “Interior Design Styles & Concept Guides”

Floor Pattern Design

Sketching is a draft data that occurs through thinking. It is the first stage of design development and does not represent “perfection”. The sketch process or freehand drawing is the preliminary draft of the project; a part of design; an effective element that produces the outcome. In this regard, the sketch is the thinking methodContinue reading “Floor Pattern Design”

Retro Vibe Condo Living Makati City

RETRO VIBE CONDO UNIT TRANSFORMATION | Milano Residences Makati City 2020 Old and Bright. Choices of combinations of colors and patterns in furniture, wall accents, and accessories. Very old vibes that combine to modern that shows some brightly and eclectic mix of old styles and new forms. Contrasting colors of each material used and finishes.Continue reading “Retro Vibe Condo Living Makati City”

Gadget Store Interior Design

WEARABLE GADGET STORE INTERIOR DESIGN | NEUTRAL & EVOLVING | 2021 The right blend of futurism. The all-white walls are counter-balanced with curved furniture edges. The space is purely modern and has a high-end visual appeal despite its minimalist approach. This is where simplicity and functionality go hand in hand. Clean and crisp lines madeContinue reading “Gadget Store Interior Design”