2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Clean and bold transitional style in minimal mix of warm with cool tones. The materials and textures of this space makes each furniture stand out on its own and at the same time blends harmoniously. Using white walls as canvas with neutral loveseat sofa accentuated with gold furniture, cherry wood console table with a pop of gray ottomans and greens. Adding statement paintings to top it off.

Elegant and warm ambience as you enter this dining room. Majority of the materials in this space is cherry wood, upholstered golden yellow fabric accentuated with crystal chandelier, gold mirror and muted blush pink black out curtain.

Beige and cream palette with blue accent accessories are use in this corner. It gives a clean and classic look, that can provide a sense of relaxation.

This clean and simple atmosphere was put together through the use of wood elements, neutral tone and greens. This alfresco dining and bar are perfectly combined in a white plain wall and flooring.

Done with the dirty, messy construction phase and finishes of this condo unit. Now we are finally styling and accessorizing this unit.

We miss the days when we can casually visit a furniture showroom exhibit at Camerich Philippines. Throwback with the CMV Interior Design Team.

Texture in design using cherry wood and carmine red for this reception area. It blends with the plain white canvass, that gives the reception more focal point and astonishing factor for customers.

Simple but bold in colors. The atmosphere in this lounge area at GAC Motor Car Showroom, gives off a strong and modern sense of interior space. The boldness of the carmine red blended with the neutral colors, that made this space exquisitely harmonious in design.

Naturally classic and elegant. This powder room emits a hotel looking atmosphere, having glossy finishes, accentuated with a small black wall, a gold-black floor lamp and neutral love seat.

Shades of grey, rich wood and greens that creates a depth in this powder room. Provides a sense of feeling fresh and calm. Aesthetically simple but elegant interior that gives another level of sophistication.

Its impressive monochromatic look emits neutrally calming space. The statement painting blends well with the atmosphere of this interior space making you feel relax. Topping it off with a unique solid looking side table.

Strong and bold impression as you pass by this corner. Its richness of wood merges with the accentuated strong black color of furniture pieces and the pop of green created a balance of life from the richness of wood and black.

Starting from hollow blocks, concrete floors, blank walls and many more construction phases, in making this residential dream house to come true. Ongoing interior design project at Portofino Las Pinas

Balance of strong hue is what you can feel and see in this interior space. A play of different strong hues, a solid midnight blue wall as the center accent wall and combination of plain white wall. A balance of red and black accessories to create sophisticated looking bedroom.

A pop of warm tones to put together with white as the main shade of this interior space. Represents the neutrality of this space, with mellow yellow and crimson red as an accent. That perfectly produces a balance from its minimal patterns.


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