Home Office design idea for that “Boss Babe” inside us

design and written by Ruth Santos email: santosruth.cmvinteriordesigns@gmail.com

There are some perks of working from home, but alongside this, many of us are having a hard time in our time management and all the distraction inside our home. According to research, there are few things we can do in order for us to adjust and feel more productive while taking care of our mental health. And these tips is where I based while designing this female home office:

1. Make a dedicated workspace.

My client for this project is a lady boss. She loves her space stylish, feminine and dainty, and at the same time clutter-free. I designed this home office so that our lady boss client will have a dedicated workspace for her to focus and to keep her away from distractions.

2. Stay connected but set boundaries

This home office is locked but has an intercom near the door to stay connected to your family, how else can they call you when its time to eat?

3. Establish a routine

This home office has a floor to ceiling window so the client can also enjoy the space and see when it’s already getting dark- a signal to stop working. While working at home, it is important to have a steady schedule of else the lines between work and personal time can get blurred and be stressful to get right.

4. Give yourself a break

Keep hustling but taking a break is not forbidden. I designed this home office with a space for snack and coffee time so that the client can also have a break from working.

I used green as the accent color, in which you can see in the plants, flowers and wall decors.

Green is the color of peace and nature and often represent tranquility and good luck. This cool color will help the client to have a clearer mind while working.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Do not let these changes in our lifestyle put us down. So let’s all work but play harder!


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