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design and written by Ruth Santos

Male Home Office: Gamers’ Cave

Did you also spent countless hours playing Super Mario on your Gameboy Colors as a child?

We can all agree that gaming is simply addicting; one you start, it will be hard to stop. But have you ever asked, why do people play games?

Many research proves all the possible negative health effects of video gaming, but contrary to these, there are also some good benefits. The motivational components such as the feeling of achievement, connecting to people and the escape games can provide for us are the factors why people play.

For this home office project, the persona or the client of this home office is a gamer. Let’s name this persona, Kuya Allen. Kuya Allen is 25 years old and a professional computer engineer. He also loves to collect action figures of games and anime characters. And lastly, he is also a night owl.

Now, this office will be his man cave, where his hobby and love for gaming will be use. The pc setup in this home office is what all the gamers who do live streams will adore. Speakers surround the office too, so the he can enjoy listening to music, watching movies and playing games.

There is also led strip lights in red, blue and violet all over the place to give the feeling of being inside a game. The windows are designed with thick curtains, and blinds- because gamers like their room really dark.

I also designed the office with a fridge and a coffee maker so he Kuya allen can have his midnight snacks with having the need to go to the kitchen.

The tv console is also equipped with PSP console setup, and lastly, a lazy boy is the center of the room for the endless hours of mobile gaming without having a backache.

Based on the research in human behavior by Edward Deci, there are three components of the Self-Determination Theory and these are: Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness- and all of these are being answered by gaming. Gaming gives us enjoyment, relaxation, artistry, competitiveness so all we need to have is the best place we can play without ruining our health and that is what we designers are to answer. If a gamer has this kind of gaming home office, what more will he ask for besides a good pc setup and high-speed internet?


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