Home Renovation (Behind the Scenes)

“A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things.”– Ralph LaurenHarmony and unity act as the foundation of every interior design space. It is one of theprinciples of interior design. It should reflect on every design that we do. From start to finish,the hard work is there. The design process went through different phasesContinue reading “Home Renovation (Behind the Scenes)”

2022: Interior Design Inspirations

“Designers and people in general are too attracted by ‘new’, but nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. All my objects reflect [a] marriage between past and present.”– Marcel Wanders Rich and warm tones are used to create an alluring and enveloping glow. A well-designed dining space is pleasingly inviting. The design should be both strikingContinue reading “2022: Interior Design Inspirations”

2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Clean and bold transitional style in minimal mix of warm with cool tones. The materials and textures of this space makes each furniture stand out on its own and at the same time blends harmoniously. Using white walls as canvas with neutral loveseat sofa accentuated with gold furniture, cherry wood console table with a popContinue reading “2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects”

Interior Design Project (behind the scenes)

INTERIOR DESIGN BEHIND THE SCENE | Interior Design Story | Work in Progress Our design process consists of 5 major stages. Mostly, it includes teamwork with our CMV Design team and clients. Most renovation and enhancement projects could take up to 3-6 months to finish or even 1-2 years depending on the workflow of theContinue reading “Interior Design Project (behind the scenes)”

2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

Bright Bold color can be warm and soothing. Energizing and turns up the warmth and makes the room more inviting. Adding the upholstered tufted headboard gives a soft touch mélange with white ceiling, linens and pillows enough to make the orange refreshing and crisp.Views of the Cityscape in the background pimped up the room andContinue reading “2021: Interior Design inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects”

ONGOING: Luxury Residential Villa at Puerto Galera

ONGOING: Luxury Residential Villa at Puerto Galera Mindoro | CMV Interior Designs 2020 Design and construction documentation during our site visit at Puerto Galera last March 2020. In this video, we will showcase the craftsmanship and skills of locals within the community. This property is located in Puerto Galera with a stunning view of theContinue reading “ONGOING: Luxury Residential Villa at Puerto Galera”

Design Journey: Interior Designer’s Calling Card

CALLING CARD DESIGN JOURNEY | DESIGN JOURNEY | CANVA CALLING CARD In this video, IDr. Christine Manalo-Villamora, PIID invites you to her event with the topics brand personality and the importance of web development, visuals, and marketing and how it can help a freelance career or a firm. She shares her “calling card journey” fromContinue reading “Design Journey: Interior Designer’s Calling Card”

2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

SYMMETRICAL BALANCE. Discover our design approach for this concept project #FilipinoFestiveHotel and for this presentation we used symmetrical balance as our main design principle for this area. Symmetrical balance is where the two sides of the composition are exactly the same (or very nearly the same) and they make a mirror image of each other. Symmetrical balanceContinue reading “2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects”