Woodsville Viverde Mansions

“Warm and inviting. By achieving a white wood home, adding some pop of color like aquamarine and pastel yellow as accent accessories for a stylish twist to the common white and cream palette. Along with white painted walls and wooden floors, resulting in a gorgeous contrasting look. In addition, using any wood has its own texture created by nature itself, which means that the interior will not be boring and monotonous. The white and wood theme is a winning combination when it comes to creating a timeless home.”

-Christine Manalo-Villamora, Principal Designer



Published by CMV Interior Designs

Manila-based Interior Design company

One thought on “Woodsville Viverde Mansions

  1. Hi, I owned a unit at woodsville viverde
    Condo and i saw one of your kitchen design (with the green backing) and i wanted the same kitchen, from cabinet to stove, and i would like to inquire about the price. Pls email me back and let me know. Thank you


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