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Design and Fashion magazines, books, material swatches, and a whole lot more. There are so many ways to get inspired. The design process is the road map to realizing our vision for each of our clients, in a planned, organized, and coordinated documentation of all design elements, selections, and decisions made along the way. It ensures the contractor thoroughly understands the design plan and specifications. The starting line for any interior design project is the design exploration and brainstorming phase. Within this phase, after discussing the project detail, including the client’s preferences, goals, styles, and ideas. We, as designers, then find the freshest inspiration for a brighter idea that matches well with what was discussed with the client. Inspiration comes all around us as designers and it is up to us how we interpret these inspirations into the design. Some more orthodox and conventional way of finding inspirations is by browsing design magazines, design catalogs, social media posts, blogs, books, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a furniture or interior design related per se but again, we can always find inspiration everywhere around us. It’s always a matter of interpretation. It is about how we can dissect and reinterpret a certain idea of what we see, not just how we actually see it.


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