Floor Pattern Design

Sketching is a draft data that occurs through thinking. It is the first stage of design development and does not represent “perfection”. The sketch process or freehand drawing is the preliminary draft of the project; a part of design; an effective element that produces the outcome. In this regard, the sketch is the thinking method that gives meaning to the project in the design. Sketching is one of the best ways to bring forth an idea into life. Drawing and drafting at that stage is the designer’s way of visualizing his own ideas and at the same time putting them in such a form that they can be communicated to his associates for discussion and eventually communicated to his clients. All the aesthetic components come into play at that stage of design, including colors, lighting, and textures, although at the early design stages no precise selection of materials or objects is made. Obviously, this creative phase of interior design is based on thorough research and critical analysis and is not simply the result of a sudden flash of inspiration.


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