2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

White is the majority color for this clean and crisp style. The materials use in this space is giving a vibe of modern sleek, having a glossy cabinetry doors with white slab island countertop, accentuated with gold furniture and black equipment that stand out beautifully.

Clean with pattern. This bedroom gives an ambiance of white canvass, splash with patterned wall creates depth in a plain white walls. Subtle use of shape and size on the furnishing and a little teal color to accent the gray muted fabric selection. Overall look of modern sleek for this bedroom style.

Cozy ambiance, radiates in this kitchen design. Contrasting use of color tones, from white walls and ceiling and mix of dark wood and glossy white cabinetry hits the perfect tone for this small yet well planned kitchen. Adding a full length mirror give a bigger space feels. Ideal space for a young couple.

Wood Element and Neutral Tone. This bedroom space dominantly design with light wood from its accent ceiling and to the cabinetry giving a vibe of a rawness of the material and yet it feels clean and cozy. The airy look of this small bedroom, made possible by using a wood slatted.

Color tones, a significant technique to this bathroom design. Using different shade of wood and one wood grains set the mood in this bathroom. The deep rich tone on the cabinets and partition accentuated the pale wood flooring. This contrasting materials gives certain harmonious feels.

Bold and beautiful. Accent wall and furniture selections in contrasting color tone with a white wall and ceiling as an interior canvass that blends in an exquisitely harmonious in design. Limitless design ideas inspire you to be bold, shows the strength on this interior space.

Neutrality in Design, Gray, brown and white as the main shade of this interior space. Depicted the neutrality of this space, with yellow ochre as an accent that stand out due to the contrasting tone. Interior vibes that feels subtle and harmonious.

Shade of Grey, versatility of color, pale tone of black that create a certain depth of excitement on an interior space. A stunning monochromatic tone that make it look and feel fresh and revived. Aesthetically calming interior that gives high level of sophistication.

Color Blocking, using a bold black wall color, opposite with light tone furniture’s that creates a strong impact in this interior space. Bring whole new dimension on designing a spacious space that says less is more. Don’t be afraid using black on walls, absence of colors does not mean absence of design but more on being courageous to try and have a beautifully balance result.

Texture in Design. This interior space plays around with textures from wall, floors to built-in furniture’s. The combinations of textures in this neutral palette, makes you feel the heaviness but still had a feel of smoothness in execution. Textures elevates the components of the designs. It plays a certain dimensions and gave a room a twist in balance.

Taupe, a neutral color that takes you away from using, white, gray and brown. Taupe color use in this space applied thru flooring and wall in different tone are rich enough to create a certain depth of drama that envelop a cozy ambiance.

Open space plan, a reception and lounge serve as a common area is design to create a demarcation for private and for public use. With the use of partitioning as a focal point of the room it creates a sense of privacy from reception to the lounge.

A black and white scheme, a classic minimalist approach for designing a space. A strong contrast give a subdued, and sophisticated interior space. This black and white space pump up with texture to give a dramatic depth and a the perfect location of pendant lamp complete the look of this space.

This milky hue space is a perfect blank canvass, with a dense pattern in muted color wallpaper, light wood furniture and flooring accentuate with bright color ceiling lamp and a touch of green scape thru wall art. This create a striking white interior space that will never get old and bored.

Majority of the space are with built in cabinets and furniture with wood cherry finish that gives this space a classic look and feels. Perfectly combine in a white wall, ceiling and floor to balance the look. A space preserves to a very clean, bright and cozy feels.

Compact space for bedroom, living and dining area. The space that are common in our time that need a dynamic design to accommodate a good traffic flow of the room and maximize the use. This design use built in cabinet and a convertible sleeping area at night and a living area during day, and havin’ the white walls and ceiling and floor to give a bigger look on the space. And with the dark tone furniture it’s give a warm ambiance on the room. It completes a look of a multipurpose space.

Mélange’s. A room is combination of minimalist modern design with an old classic materials that give a certain depth of classic minimalist approach. Color blocking of gray paint as accent wall gives a space distinction on the study area. And light wood flooring and furniture’s completes the minimalist approach.

Beige and Cream palette use in this bathroom. Gives a very clean and tame look that is very simple and complementary for the space. An interior space that is constantly use in our everyday routine that reflects our cleanliness and simplicity of our daily life.


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