Awanggan: PUP CAFA Lecture Series March 3, 2020

“I will always treasure my design journey from CAFA student days with my college friends to serious corporate young lady at Makati City to Principal Designer/ Mompreneur at CMV Interior Designs. I found my sweet spot in honing skills and training new generation of interior designers through our internship program. I want our interns to be well rounded, empowered and confident to face the competitive world of business. I’ve got a long… long way to go and to learn and up to this day, I will always consider myself as a student craving for lessons to learn. Work Hard and Stay Humble” –Christine Manalo-Villamora

CMV’s passion is to become a professor of interior design one day. As of today, she is focused on honing her skills in the business side of interior design and creating more experiences so she can train her future students even better. Thru CMV’s internship program, students will gain more knowledge about the EVER-Evolving business of interior design thru the following activities: client meetings, site supervision and coordination, design solution and furniture sourcing.

Our main goal is to prepare the new generation of interior designers to be confident, empowered and well rounded young professionals. We want to train our interns to be hire-able, approachable and result oriented after this program. On this lecture series, I focused my slides and presentation on the key elements that we want our audience to learn.

First, I reviewed important key points in drafting and creating their portfolio and resume for work. Being in the creative industry for almost 14 years now, I realized that our program should include proper training in the professional work and basic corporate etiquette. I also conduct meetings with our College Department in Polytechnic University of the Philippines to give my insights and how can we include some business subjects into our curriculum like business management, accounting and marketing. These key ingredients will help our students to boost their chances in landing a good opportunity at work.

Personal appearance, branding and impression is not all about aesthetic. Having a personal style is like communicating your intentions thru fashion without saying a word. I want our interns to value and invest time and effort in presenting their self to our suppliers, contractors and clients. At this early stage and before bridging from fresh grad to finding a job, I want them to learn the value of overall presentation including physical appearance and acceptable corporate attire.


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