Stylish condo unit for Modern day Manila Girl

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My client for this project is a young professional and stylish Manila Girl who wants to have minimalist approach on her first condo unit. For me, she represents the modern day Manila Girl who works hard for what she wants to accomplish, very independent and enjoys city life with perks of having her own place near commercial establishments and office.

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For this unit, especially on the living room, I noticed that there is exposed beam near the TV/ cable and power outlets. What I did as a solution, I concealed that beam with mirror (with plywood backing) and match or paired it with another mirror with same size on the other side to have balance effect.

1-BR Unit at Pioneer Woodlands, Boni Mandaluyong

The unit doesn’t have drop ceiling, the maximum ceiling height (seen on this photo) is around 2600 mm from finished floor line. Technically it is not low, but I want to retain that high/ maximum ceiling height so I placed cove ceiling on the side as accent. With collaboration with my client’s idea, we used color changing LED strip light as accent for our cove ceiling. Controlled by a remote, you can change the color of the light and even the speed of the transition.

Instead of traditional dining chairs and table, my client wants to have bar stools and bar counter as her dining set.
Pretty amazing because we can still use the lower portion of the bar counter as storage for wine and wine glass or kitchen ware.

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Sliding door works well with limited space. For this project, we maximized the storage space from floor to ceiling. The closet/ wardrobe area in sliding door and the upper part with door cabinet in concealed hinge.

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This amazing ceiling lamp has built in fiber glass fan that when turned-off the fan will fold (hidden)
available at WILCON HOME DEPOT cost around P 20, 000+++

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