Decorating with crystals: Smokey Quartz

Decorating with Crystals: Smoky Quartz Contrary to its rather dark color, Smoky Quartz crystals are known for their protective and balancing energy. This unique combination is what makes makes Smoky Quartz an interesting crystal. When using the stone in Feng Shui, it is ideal to place it in areas where it can perform this protectiveContinue reading “Decorating with crystals: Smokey Quartz”

Nail Salon: Our Top 10 Favorite Design Hot Spots

Our Top 10 Favorite Nail Salon around the Metro Featuring our guest blogger this month Ms. Abbie San Juan  Email:   This past week I’d had the privilege of joining my mother in a quest for the perfect spa party venue. As a teenager, I never used to pay much attention to nail salons,Continue reading “Nail Salon: Our Top 10 Favorite Design Hot Spots”