Home Office design idea for that “Boss Babe” inside us

design and written by Ruth Santos email: santosruth.cmvinteriordesigns@gmail.com There are some perks of working from home, but alongside this, many of us are having a hard time in our time management and all the distraction inside our home. According to research, there are few things we can do in order for us to adjust andContinue reading “Home Office design idea for that “Boss Babe” inside us”

Design Q + A: Movie Inspired Home Office

CMV Design Q+A “I always imagine my home office would look like the same as Don Corleone’s office at The Godfather movie. How can I get that look? Any ideas?” CMV Design Team: We love that movie! We think that the style and the overall ambiance of that office is still applicable up to thisContinue reading “Design Q + A: Movie Inspired Home Office”

Design Q + A: Chic Home Office

CMV Design Q+A “I want to set up my home office and I want it to look chic, comfy and classy. How can I achieve that look?” CMV Design Team: Let’s start with pastel colors to create inviting vibe and since you will be working on this room for 6-8 long hours we also suggestContinue reading “Design Q + A: Chic Home Office”