CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: I want to set up my own coffee and tea corner at my kitchen, can you suggest some decorating ideas or accessories add?

CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: What color combination is ideal for the kitchen without natural light or window? What can you suggest?

CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: I always imagine my home office would look the same as Don Corleone’s office at The Godfather movie. How can I get that look? Any ideas?

CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: For my husband, ever since he started working from home, he complains of back pain after a day of sitting and being in front of his laptop. I just want to ask for your suggestion for my husband’s office corner and Thanks!

CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: Please help me with my mood board for my dirty kitchen and garden on the other side. A seating area like a quaint lounge which could be a tea time area for our kids. I kinda like to have that embossed design on the wall like Balinese style. Any suggestion?

CMV Q+A with Facebook Follower: I want to set up my home office and I want it to look chic, comfy and classy. How can I achieve that look?

CMV Q+A: How to create a statement wall?

CMV Q+A : Why do you love manual sketches/ perspectives and why do you think it is important?

CMV Q+A: How do you work?

CMV Q+A: What’s inside your “office in a box?”

CMV Q+A: Can you tell us more about your brand and your calling card design journey?

CMV Q+A: Why did you decide to start your own firm?

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