Stylish condo unit for Modern day Manila Girl

IMG_0597 copy

My client for this project is a young professional and stylish Manila Girl who wants to have minimalist approach on her first condo unit. For me, she represents the modern day Manila Girl who works hard for what she wants to accomplish, very independent and enjoys city life with perks of having her own place near commercial establishments and office.

IMG_0590 copy

For this unit, especially on the living room, I noticed that there is exposed beam near the TV/ cable and power outlets. What I did as a solution, I concealed that beam with mirror (with plywood backing) and match or paired it with another mirror with same size on the other side to have balance effect.

1-BR Unit at Pioneer Woodlands, Boni Mandaluyong

The unit doesn’t have drop ceiling, the maximum ceiling height (seen on this photo) is around 2600 mm from finished floor line. Technically it is not low, but I want to retain that high/ maximum ceiling height so I placed cove ceiling on the side as accent. With collaboration with my client’s idea, we used color changing LED strip light as accent for our cove ceiling. Controlled by a remote, you can change the color of the light and even the speed of the transition.

Instead of traditional dining chairs and table, my client wants to have bar stools and bar counter as her dining set.
Pretty amazing because we can still use the lower portion of the bar counter as storage for wine and wine glass or kitchen ware.

IMG_0612 copy

IMG_0614 copy

Sliding door works well with limited space. For this project, we maximized the storage space from floor to ceiling. The closet/ wardrobe area in sliding door and the upper part with door cabinet in concealed hinge.

IMG_0586 copy

This amazing ceiling lamp has built in fiber glass fan that when turned-off the fan will fold (hidden)
available at WILCON HOME DEPOT cost around P 20, 000+++

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Two BR at Two Serendra, BGC

10 copy

Our concept for this 2-Bedroom Serendra Unit is “Luscious Green” with mixture of Contemporary+English garden style. Most of our accent pieces for this look we’re inspired by English garden with dainty and romantic ambiance.

12 copy

When I design, I usually mediate my interiors with over all design concept and atmosphere provided by the architecture and landscape details. When I saw the architectural and color scheme of the building or house, I always incorporate the style into my designs and try to work with it and not against it.

11 copy

When I saw the luscious green and marvelous landscape of Serendra I knew that it will be nice to incorporate shades of green color and relaxing vibe into my interiors. For this design, I want to showcase the romantic side of me and that I can be flexible to work with different styles that will truly complement my client’s personality and lifestyle.

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Life after wedding day


Our wedding day


That was 2 years ago? time flies when you’re having fun! 😉


I’m one of those little girls who grew up reading books and watching fairy tales so I have this idea on my mind with perfect ending at their wedding day with caption “And they all lived happily ever after” the end. But seriously, wedding day is just the start of new beginning, new journey and a whole new world.

Being married to your friend, lover, and life coach is truly inspiring. Jeff inspires me to be at my best and allows me to enhance my skills that I never thought I had it in me. Marriage thought me a lot of things and household management is one of those freaking things! As in I freak out for weeks or even months after our wedding day… that I have to do household chores, organizing our closet space, making sure there’s cooked food on the table and being expert in cleaning surfaces! Hahaha


Scenario: Moving together after wedding day

So you got your own stuff and he got his own… and did I mentioned his whole collection of Star wars, Marvel superheroes, Lord of the rings action figures, Toy cars and so much more? While you (wifey) got tons and tons of shoes and dresses and you both can’t figure out how to organize it. Well, we’ve been dealing with this dilemma for weeks after we moved in together. And after we unpacked all the boxes, we decided to make all his collections as part of our home decor (Darth Vader invades our living room) while most of my shoes, dresses and bags were kept in our walk in closet.


Suggestion #1: Know his and her style preferences for your home

As you move in together, perhaps you already figured out the style and preferences you both want for your home. List down your inventory like the items that you will both bring inside your house. Once you know the items that you want to keep, it should be easy for both of you to decide where to place and settle those precious items. For me, it feels homey and nostalgic to see a house with owner’s collection and priced possession rather than decors with no connection to their personality.


Suggestion #2: Explore the possibilities of your blank canvas— your house

Imagine your life on this new house of yours… what do you want to do? what is your main focus? do you want to entertain guest? do you love to cook? Being on this new place and new life is such a big leap for newly weds. I even experienced sleepless nights because I’m “namamahay” but that didn’t stop me in building my life around my new home so explore yours too. I have imagined that upon entering the house, my guest can lounge and relax at the living room and then while I’m cooking for them, my guest can have conversations with me while they are sitting at the breakfast nook and bar stools. After dinner, we can hang out at family area next to our dining room where we can sing along at our DIY karaoke set up. And oh… in the morning… I want to water my herbs and harvest on my own backyard farm. Explore endless possibilities in your house and remember to work around your budget.


Suggestion #3: Setting up your kitchen

Every home, every flat, every condo unit or even studio apartment needs a functional kitchen. Whether you cook your own food or not, this is very important for you and your guest. When I got married, I didn’t know how to cook or even use most of the kitchen tools and equipment. My only background for this aspect is when we were role playing as home makers at our playhouse when I was 7-9 years old. Believe me, when you’re there… you don’t have a choice but to force yourself to learn how to use your kitchen, cook your own food and maintain it as “squeaky clean” as possible. If you still have no idea where to begin with, you can start by creating a checklist of the things you want to do when you’re in the kitchen. Do you want to prepare snacks? set up toaster and fruit shake blender corner. Do you want to lounge, relax or detox? set up espresso maker or juicer corner. List down all the equipment that you wish or already have and then your kitchen designer.. “ehem-ehem”… will work around it. If you’re having hard time explaining to your carpenter your kitchen renovation idea, this might be the right time to call for expert advise to help and guide you to organize your kitchen and creating maximum storage capacity for all of your kitchen needs.


Suggestion #4: Add personal touch

Always have a small corner for all of the collections, toys, or display items you already own. Collaborate what you already have with the new items you wish to add to your space. Never forget that those small items were part of your past. Another way to add personal touch to your home is by framing all your photos together with family and friends and display it in most visible area inside the house. This will bring warm and joy to your house and guest can appreciate that you cherish those moments by displaying it on your living room wall.


Suggestion #5: Create his and her side on your bed

Always remember to provide small corner for you and your husband’s items at night stand. On this area, you can place your cellphone, jewelries, bible, photos or even books as part of your routine before you sleep. It is important to have your cellphone within your reach (and never put your phone under your pillow) To make it more fun and homey, try to set up your bedside table top with small decor or display items that reflects your personality. His side can have toys, books or magazines while yours (wifey) can have picture frame, lucky charms and scented candle.

Wedding day is the most wonderful moment for newly wed couple but life after wedding day is the most important part. A lot of adjustments and financial planning are being made. Be grateful for what you have and also dream big! Life is full of surprises and if God is at the center of our hearts and homes we can be sure that He will guide us in our coming days.

Hope you’ll find this helpful and have a nice day!

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Resort Living


That aaahhh—haaaah feeling when you finally arrived at your hotel or resort destination. Where you will find most of the relaxing colors, natural materials and textures that resembles soft and calming atmosphere. Most of the beach resorts and hotels we know were planned, studied and designed by group of Architects, Designers, Engineers with close coordination with Food and Beverage team plus House Keeping and more. These group of people work together to form and create luxurious ambiance you’ll need to enjoy the place.

But seriously, It takes hard work, patience and time in planning this type of project because you are not just creating a place to stay but you are also creating a lifestyle which will affect the lives of the future occupants and visitors of the place.

My journey in resort and hotel design started at college where we have to design for plates and imaginary projects. I was not convinced enough with my grades on this subject so I decided to hone my skills by entering on Design Company that specializes on this field. As soon as I realized that I am good at details and drawings I took that ”leap of faith” and decided to take those knowledge into actual construction like in first hand to hand combat.


I got my self a job at Thunderbird Resorts as in-house interior designer. From that experience, I gained more knowledge in designing for hotel and resort design. We were trained to design interior spaces that will match our overall theme for the resort “Santorini-Greece”.


This is the model unit set up I did for Chloe Villa which will be part of rental program. These villas were meant to use as hotel or spacious accommodation for customers who prefer 2-3 bedrooms in 1 villa. Since we have blue and white color theme for our Architecture, I also derived my interior concepts from that color scheme. Most of my accent pieces here were from Rustan’s Makati and SM Homeworld.

The center piece from this dining set were from Rustan’s. I love their decorative and artificial flowers. And with the help from their talented stylist, I was able to achieve the look that I want for my model unit set up.

11201163_990974267609593_1032076895282705497_n 11222416_989876994385987_5510151924459921488_n

Here are some mood boards I made to help my readers achieve that resort style living room.

11012776_974918735881813_593998449526122021_n 11133819_971149439592076_3293320041215768951_n

To help my readers achieve that resort ambiance for their living room or balcony, I have attached in this blog the list of the outdoor furniture stores that I used for my previous projects and some stores that I would like to use for my future projects.

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Designing a transition from kid’s to teen’s bedroom


n designing for kid’s bedroom, we always want to use light colors, soft furnishings and graphic or cartoon character decors to stimulate child’s interest and creativity.

Here are some of my ideal colors to use for your kid’s bedroom (this one is for girls)

pink blossom




aquatic blue


light peach


Some of my ideas and theory (since I’m still on the process of having kids)
Here are some of the list that might help you on decorating your Kid’s room

1. Provide lots and lots of storage for toys
2. Use accent chair with soft texture and no sharp edges. Pick a classic sofa that won’t look too cartoonish, this way, you can still re-use the item as the child grows up
3. If you want to put additional lighting like lamps, use wall lamp which you can install fixed on the wall, by doing this, you can avoid falling or breaking the lamps.
4. It is ideal to purchase a bed that is relatively low, without foot panel and look for available detachable side rail to protect your child from falling out of bed. You can also select a sturdy and durable classic bed that will last long.
5. Rugs or play pen are optional. Be sure that it is properly installed (secure with rubber stopper underneath) Having rugs with graphics or alphabet adds playful ambiance throughout the room.


Since you already invested on furniture pieces, we can start by re-using them and add additional furnishings to complete the overall teen-look. Selecting a theme for your teen’s room can be tough, you have to know more about your child’s preferences and personality in order to achieve the right design for her. This concept was designed without a particular client but I hope this would help you understand the design techniques that I want to share.

butter yellow

BUTTER YELLOW — neutralize the room by splashing a lot of this tone

hot pink

HOT PINK — some serious pink overload here


BLACK — little bit of black as lining and accent (too much black can lead to rock star look)

silvery moss

SILVERY MOSS — I love this tone, you can also use this as wall color or color swatch for bedding

In designing teen’s room, you must.. and always consider the personality of your teen. Allow her to share some photos or pegs that she would like to put on her room. There’s no right or wrong design here, teen stage can be experimental and creative. Here are some of the list that might help you on designing for your Teen’s room

1. Provide dresser table with drawers, mirror and proper lighting. As we all know, our little girl is now exploring her personality and even starting to wear lip gloss or styling her hair.
2. Full drape curtain. She can now handle long drapes and curtain. She would love to have sheer or dramatic black out fabric.
3. Buy her chic and iconic chandelier. She will love decorative lamp hanging from the center of her room.
4. Change bedding. Select a bed cover with sophisticated patterns that reflects her personality and overall color theme.
5. Re-paint, re-upholster and re-use whatever furniture she likes. It is important to have something old and something new in her environment to make her feel at home.

I hope this would help!

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Mushy Pillows


Tempur in the Philippines offers beds, mattresses, pillows and pressure-relieving accessories.


Lower Ground, Greenbelt 5 Tel 7283015; Level 5, Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall Tel. 6311391; and Building 5 Bonifacio High Street Tel 8564700. 


credit- website 2 tempur 2 tempur 3 tempur 4

arq pillow 1

ARQ CURTAINS sells ready-to-hang curtains and throw pillows


All Our Home stores nationwide


arq pillow 2 arq pillow 3

me&u logo

Me&U is a special concept store about stuffs that bring togetherness. Has great selection for couple themed gifts for different occasions.



Level 3 Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City
Barangay Bagumbayan
Quezon City


Level 4 SM Megamall Atrium
Julia Vargas corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City


Tel: +632 692 8206

me&u 1 me&u 2 me&u 3

PB logo


Home furnishing shop.


Central Square, Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, 1630 Taguig

pb pillow 1 pb pillow 2 pb pillow 3

Lighten Up!


Before I even thought and have the guts on developing my own interior design practice, I became Junior Interior Designer (at SONGSONG+PERIQUET ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGN) to my mentors and Godfather IDr. Ogie Periquet and Arch. Joel Songsong. Most of their projects involves hotel design, residential model unit design, restaurant design, and high end villas.

CIMG6102 CIMG6106

With their guidance and training, I learned some of their design approach when it comes to developing ambiance using right placement and right amount of lighting.

Hotel and commercial design were my weak points during my study of interior design (college days). So, I decided to find a design firm where I can hone my skills and develop my practice. During my stay at their firm, I always listen to their instructions and guidance like a hungry apprentice who wants to learn more every single day. I even remember Sir Ogie said to me “you should know your designs by your heart and not by your mind, because if you know it by heart, you’ll never forget it”


As I go along, I travel, explore and stumble upon places where I acquire inspiration for my designs. On this photo, you’ll see the ceiling and lighting design of shopping mall/ commercial district insideResorts World Sentosa Singapore. On this ceiling layout, they used “statement chandeliers” to highlight their ceiling. This is a great ceiling design idea if you have plain walls and minimal design on your room or space.


I took this photo near Fullerton Hotel at Singapore. Good thing my digi-cam has “nightlife mode” and it captures the actual colors of the lighting of the place.


I was also inspired by this photo which I took at Marina Bay Sans at Singapore.


This photo was taken from Azure Urban Residences at Bicutan Paranaque developed by Century Properties. Inside this real estate development, you’ll find this beach club designed by Paris Hilton. Imagine the huge impact of architectural lighting on this building, it was amazing! and I believe they used LED strip lights to illuminate the whole building.

Here are some of my projects:

add to website 2 ella

we used: warm white directional lighting


we used: directional lighting in warm white with table lamp

grams 2

we used: directional light and table lamp

IMG_0600 copy

we used: LED color changing strip light as cove lighting, directional lights to highlight artworks and walls, ceiling lamp+ceiling fan

IMG_0646 copy

we used: directional lighting and pelmet lighting

IMG_0692 copy

we used: down light and spot lights to highlight the menu board

IMG_0755 copy

we used: directional light, floor lamp and down light inside the new and custom designed TV cabinet

IMG_1164 copy

we used: LED strip light at cove ceiling and directional light to highlight artworks and walls