Manila Girl’s Condo Living

MANILA GIRL’S CONDO Red + Black + White Interiors | Pioneer Woodlands 2020

Bright and Fearless. The red accent wall elevated the mood of the space. It gave the space a cheerful vibe. The mirrors do not only make the space look good, but they also made it look bigger and spacious. Notice that cove lights are perfect for creating a soft and rich drama in a room. The small dining space is unique with its simple yet functional design. The overall look of the bedroom is inviting as it brings out a bit of glamour and a lot of comfort at the same time.

Design Process

It always starts with close coordination between the client and the interior designer. Interviews and style diagnosis might take place in order to produce effective recommendations and design solutions.

Design Journey: Interior Designer’s Calling Card


In this video, IDr. Christine Manalo-Villamora, PIID invites you to her event with the topics brand personality and the importance of web development, visuals, and marketing and how it can help a freelance career or a firm. She shares her “calling card journey” from way back 2014. She started her calling cards not yet knowing the brand or personality of her firm and just chose an available calling card template. It turns out that it did not match the company’s goals, direction, and personality. After a year, she tried again with another design. Feeling the need to develop it even further, she experimented on new calling card layouts the year after, using her logo (that is still being used until now) through the use of She received feedback on how she can improve her calling cards to make it even more attractive to clients so the next year, she rebranded to all white from the previous all-black designs. This started the firm’s transition to a lighter style for their branding. Bringing the development of the calling card even further, IDr. Villamora created a new design on that was sort of a combination of all of the previous calling cards rolled into one. A firm’s branding is very important because it sets the personality of the firm; it shows people a little bit about who the firm is and their direction. Proper branding ties everything together and presents a more unified style and personality. Brand personality is something that develops over time and it is okay if you don’t get it on your first try. It’s something that you will continuously work on and develop until you’ve found your personality and your true brand.

Thai-Inspired Model House at South Forbes

MODEL HOUSE Thai-inspired Modern Interiors | SOUTH FORBES Racha Mansions 2020

Model House Design at South Forbes We want to create a statement wall on the headboard side and at the same time, we cover the existing location of the aircon without blocking the airflow. We came up with a solution and wall panel design that will allow the airflow to circulate. The wood stain and finish of the wall panel match the headboard, desk, and chair to create a cohesive look. @southforbesofficial Designing for a Model House “The goal is to provide an overall experience and make the buyers feel at home”.

Mexican Style Restaurant

MEXICAN STYLE INTERIORS | Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant Antipolo Rizal

Bright and playful. Rich colors and woven textures are the keys when it comes to decorating a Mexican style. The Blue and orange combination works well in the stool and tables which adds warmth and cool details to every decoration. This inflicts a relaxing and easy-on-the-eye style. As well as with the moral painting inside the restaurant carry on with blue and orange scheme. The Spanish European architecture and native tribal culture blending led to some of the most beautiful and colorful art and décor that can be found anywhere in the world.

Decoliving Manila Showroom Visit


In order to become better designers in this field, it is our passion and commitment to stay on top of our game and to be well informed with the latest trends and technology in residential and commercial interior design. We make sure that our designers, stylist and interns were exposed to the local and international brands that are focused in serving our client’s needs. Here are some of the showroom visits and collaborations we did…

Visit their showroom at MC Home Depot Fort, 32nd Street cor. Justicia Drive, BGC, Taguig City, 1634 Philippines

Studio Unit Transformation at Knightsbridge Residences Makati City

Studio Unit Transformation | VIBRANT HIVE | The Knightsbridge Residences 2020

Buzzing and diverting. The word hive was coined from the beehive where they keep their honey. In connection with the design style, a hive is a place in which busy people stay and spend most of their time. White is the major scheme along with brown and black as an accent color. The brand of Knightsbridge is taken into consideration by having a London flag pillow. Fitting for those who have saved up, invested, and now reap the rewards of this magnificent project.

2021: Interior Design Inspirations from our previous and ongoing projects

SYMMETRICAL BALANCE. Discover our design approach for this concept project #FilipinoFestiveHotel and for this presentation we used symmetrical balance as our main design principle for this area.

Symmetrical balance is where the two sides of the composition are exactly the same (or very nearly the same) and they make a mirror image of each other. Symmetrical balance creates a static, stable composition and is suited to informative or instructional visual communications.

LINE. Love at the first line. Imagine how a simple line can affect your perception of the space. Our design trick to accentuate the ceiling height? use vertical lines that will draw attention from floor to ceiling and create an illusion of height.

The line can be used to;

emphasize something (an outline on a character, underline),
to divide components in a composition (column line),
to create a figure (lines in an observational sketch),
to create tone and texture (cross-hatching, shading),
to create a form (lines on an angle),

FORM. Strong geometric, biomorphic, and abstract. We want to experiment in design by introducing new ways to use the forms that we commonly use or have seen. This includes the shape of the wooden blocks as our ceiling accent.

Form is a three-dimensional entity. It is often made from shapes, lines, or even colors. Form creates space and depth.

Emily in Paris office but make it better? Kidding aside. (But this design can clearly be one of the places they can shoot in for Emily in Paris, though).
The black, white, and gold color palette never goes wrong, especially when added with a complementary element: wood. This clean space can house clothes and other things alike needed for studios as this design is very clean and fancy.

Muted colors are undeniably comforting and could really look nice only when matched with the appropriate hues and elements. This lobby is certainly the epitome of that eclectic interior.

This is a different angle view of our hygge-curated space. It shows the design on the ceiling which looks exactly like the design behind one of our couches.

With the guide of our designer color pick of the week, this design gives you nothing but a calming place to work at. It is simple but functional—definitely a place you can be productive at.

A Queen’s Gambit set dining area? Possibly!
This interior gives you a vintage vibe but with modern touches, especially with its utensils and frames. The colors are complementary which can definitely make your meal taste way better.

This simple and “cozy” interior is definitely what you’ll dive into after a long day. With its chic contrasting colors and classy black lamps from the ceiling, this radiates nothing but warmth and comfort.

Undeniably, this is cozy depicted in a single frame. This space is evidently small, but the place has been utilized for comfort, storage, and entertainment alike. With its bright light from the hanging lamp to the widescreen tv, you can never fathom how much you can do even with small things, can’t you?

Well-appointed. Collected. Chic.
This space shows you can definitely put things of different patterns and colors together, but they can still look good and not messy (only when done right). With its beautiful frame for the mirror to the different patterns and colors of the pillowcase and wall, this interior shows how things can still look good even when they are different.

Getting Inspired: Interior Designer’s Library


Design and Fashion magazines, books, material swatches, and a whole lot more. There are so many ways to get inspired. The design process is the road map to realizing our vision for each of our clients, in a planned, organized, and coordinated documentation of all design elements, selections, and decisions made along the way. It ensures the contractor thoroughly understands the design plan and specifications. The starting line for any interior design project is the design exploration and brainstorming phase. Within this phase, after discussing the project detail, including the client’s preferences, goals, styles, and ideas. We, as designers, then find the freshest inspiration for a brighter idea that matches well with what was discussed with the client. Inspiration comes all around us as designers and it is up to us how we interpret these inspirations into the design. Some more orthodox and conventional way of finding inspirations is by browsing design magazines, design catalogs, social media posts, blogs, books, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a furniture or interior design related per se but again, we can always find inspiration everywhere around us. It’s always a matter of interpretation. It is about how we can dissect and reinterpret a certain idea of what we see, not just how we actually see it.

Moody Blue Condo Unit Makeover

Condo Unit Makeover At The Knightsbridge Residences 2020 | MOODY BLUE ACCENT

Regal and independent. Knightsbridge symbolizes crown and royalty. From the living area up to the bedroom, inspired by London where the royal family lives. The use of dark colors such as navy blue, red, and black along with white combination represents formality and superiority. The accent accessories pillow, wall frame, and lamps add the vibes that you’re in London. The logo encapsulates the chief end of the Knightsbridge development and that is to make homeowners feel happy and completely satisfied with their investment.