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Reaction paper and blog by our current design intern Ms. Katherine Querubin from Philippine Women University. Email:

Nature of Report 
The interview is to gain knowledge from a past intern from the tasks / experience he or she had during her internship days in Christine Manalo Villamora Interior Designs. There are 5 questions for the chosen person for them to answer that is related to the internship in CMV Interior Designs. 

Respondent’s Background
Frankie Masallo, an interior design student in De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Taft Manila. She is currently enrolled and on the verge of finishing her thesis. She is interested in Interior Designs Publications / Magazines, where her forte is on writing articles that are related to design. She had her internship in CMV Interior Designs in the year 2018.

Goals for the Interview
-To be able to get to know the respondent and to acquire knowledge he or she will be sharing based on the experience that he or she had in the internship in CMV Interior Designs.
-To be able to relate to the interior design field with the help of the shared experience of the respondent. 
-To be able to learn about the important values that we as students of interior design, should adopt in the future while working in the field.

Narrative of the Interview
I was given 5 questions for the interview. Meeting with Ms. Frankie (respondent) was the most effective way to learn in the interview. We decided to meet where we can be the most comfortable to talk and share her experiences in her internship days in CMV Interior Designs. 
In the interview I started to ask some small details about her, where she is currently studying / working, and etc for us to be comfortable with the interview. One thing she said to me was she was so honored to have this interview and to share some things with me about her internship in CMV Interior Designs. 

Interview Questions and Answers
These are the following interview questions and important parts of the answers she gave me:

How was your internship experience in our company? 
Going out of her comfort zone, since she is a shy type of person. Specially when it comes to sourcing tasks, she was able to go to places and to talk to the people in charge. The supervisors were willing to teach you with regards to the field.

What learnings were you able to gain during your internship? 
“Meeting new people, at the same time know where to find your sources, respect your peers whether they are your bosses or colleagues”. She mention that through the respect with your colleagues and others that you will be able to interact will be your connection that may be inside the company as well as when you are working on a different setting. 

What challenged you the most during your internship in CMV Interior Designs? 
What challenged her the most is that one time she was assigned to come with a client meeting. She was pressured to say what things to say when a client asks a question. With this she is truly amazed with her supervisors to their responses that they have an answer to every client’s question. 
Can you tell us your most memorable experience as an intern in our team? 
Her most memorable experience as an intern in the team was the simple conversations she had with the supervisors during deliveries, and with the workers they learn some things during the time they assist them. In this way she knows what can possibly happen in her future projects and site visits. 

What advice can you give to other inspiring Interior Designs Students? 
“First of all you have to learn about it, since nandun yung part na hardwork. Hindi lang tayo puro ideas, kailangan natin dito yung applications. Siguro nandito rin yung trust kay God, kahit na yung sa planning stage hindi ninyo alam ang mangyayari, tatandaan ninyo and feeling, ibang feeling na worth it kapag nakarating kayo sa finished product, na alam nyo na pinaghirapan ko to. And mag thank you ka sa mga tumulong sayo, dahil nga iba din ang feeling pag nakita mo na yung end ng project nyo”.

Impression on the Interview
My impression of the interview was positive. The interview went well and the goals that I set for myself were attained. I didn’t just learn from the interview but enjoyed the company of ms. Frankie. At first i wasn’t sure that the interview might end well but it did, I also got some extra advice from her for my internship but also for the future work that i will be having. 

Overall, I think the interview was successful. I learned more about what interior designer’s work would like to be in the future. It is also important for me to gain high self esteem not just to share things with my colleagues, but also when it comes to client interviews and communicating with the workers involved in the project. Respect is very important when it comes to the people around or involved with you this just not creates connections, but also the trust when working with them. 


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