Product Launch Event by SCG Smart Board

SCG Marketing Philippines Inc.

F1 Hotel Manila, November 25, 2019, 1-4:30 PM

SCG is established in Thailand and is owned by the Majesty King Rama VI to produce cement. The SCG Marketing Philippines Inc. is a unit of Cement – Building Materials. The SCG products provides premium quality, environment-friendly and high value added products and services to the Philippines market and different country market also. The SCG products include roof tiles and roofing components, fiber cement board and fiber cement – wood substitute products for ceiling and wall applications. SCGM presented two type of products the SCG Smart board and the SCG Smart wood, a sustainable, green standard line product of SCG. Both products are perfect for construction uses, it may be for fit outs, aesthetic purpose, wall partition, accents and more. The products blends with the interior and exterior modern designs; which is mainly used today industrial design for example.

SCG Smart Wood is a mimic of wood material that we use now a days, it is made from fiber cement molded to a design just like a wood. The product is light weight which is perfect to add to surface without worrying that it may have an effect to the structure weight. The Smart Wood can be used in designing ceilings, accent walls, wall cladding and floorings (like wood planks). As for the wall cladding they added a feature to easily install them, a pre hole screw that will make the installation process reduce the breakage unlike products without the pre hole screw. If you are worried of having termites in the product, worry no more because the SCG Smart Wood is termite free. The SCG Smart Wood is also durable and waterproof for longer and high quality use.

SCG Smart Board on the other hand is also made from fiber cements which has a variety of thickness that caters to the use of the client. This may be used for ceilings (both interior and exterior), wall partitions and more. Just like any fiber cement smart boards they tend to crack and expand due to sudden weather changes and wrong installation, for SCG product they made a product that would adopt the tropical weather of our country as well as having man work to install the Smart Boards properly. The SCG Smart Board is termite free, flexible, waterproof, and has ventilation. The highlight of the Smart Board is that you can purchase one with the pre holes and pre holes with the mesh net which protects your home from termites, ants, and mosquitoes from coming in.

The innovation in construction that SCGM offers will be a big change in the interior, architecture construction. This will be a big help especially construction needs to be speed up but still durable and high quality. SCGM is still developing product for them to introduce in the fast changing industry.


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