Robins Design Center Event: Accessorizing Your Home With Tess Alindogan & Joby Belmonte

I was privilege to be able to attend Ms. Tessa Alindogan and Mr. Joby Belmonte’s styling sessions & accessorizing your home in Robins Design Center Styling, Pasig.

But before the event started, I waited in my seat in the same row with a lady who nicely asked me if I was alone. After a brief random conversation, I was able to ask her name; lo and behold she was Jinky Sembrano!

She told me that she likes attending sessions like this because of her interest in styling which she does for her clients while she works as a lawyer. However after 3 years from opening her very own furniture shop, she realized how much she adores styling and accessorizing that she intends to make it her full time career. She generously shared how she started from buying

an old home and repurposing old furniture’s which she displays or sells then proceeded to give me advice that it is never about how passion just finds you. It took her 22 years just to start living her passion so to her, age doesn’t really matter when it comes to passion bit rather how you utilize your time and continuous hard work.

After our conversation, immediately Ms. Tessa Alindogan and Mr. Joby Belmonte enter the show room to talk about styling.

The room was full and everyone was eagerly listening to the advice about the do’s and don’ts for styling.

There they taught us about the importance of styling your home. They defined it as giving character to your home. It is similar to dressing up. You don’t simply wear clothes and go out if you want to express yourself. You add accessories along with your clothes to show what type of person you are.

According to Ms. Tessa and Mr. Joby, accessories can be change but when picking furniture, make sure it is something you’ll want to keep for a long time.

They also gave tips about how to accessorize. #1 Going with what you love

For example, If you like tropical houses have color themes of red, green, yellow and orange. Use those in picking curtains, throw covers and the green can come from plants.

Dining tables can have a huge singe leaf with a candle in the middle. It does not necessarily have to follow tropical color scheme. You may use gold, silver, wood as long as the tropical theme stays.

#2 Colors

Add color to your accessories but don’t be afraid to admit if you love black and white combo. Maybe add beige in pillows but know that any color works with naturals.

In the end, the design should follow your taste and not your stylist’s. Have compromise with your stylist to achieve the look you desire.

#3 Stay close to your Interior Designers

Work closely with them. They will guide you in what you should have and what works for you.

#5 Sticking to a Theme

This speaks the same with #1, to keep consistency in your home, Stick to one theme and work your colors, furniture and accessories around it.

They had a client who wishes to celebrate her 60th birthday. She wanted it to be unique so Mr. Joby decided to have a theme about birds. They bought bird cages and placed them in the middle of the dining table with flowers around the bird further away from the food. Every cage had a single bird while they gave away small cages with a small bird for each visitor.

#6 Layering

The art of layering works best in odd numbers but it also works for even number of accessories. You have to play with the sizes especially when doing even number of items.

#7 Symmetrical

Symmetry adds balance to the design. Use the triangle method to achieve this. The way to use the triangle is placing the tallest in the middle and work your way down with smaller accessories. Always keep your eye on the tip of the triangle.

#8 Asymmetrical

Odd number displays can work the triangle method too by using isosceles triangle or even obtuse triangles.

#9 How to hang paintings or art works

The general rule for hanging painting must be eye level. Make sure the middle of the painting is at your eye level. If you need to adjust the position of your painting, consider adjusting the wire of your frame before drilling a hole on you wall.

If you have small art works, tryptic (three frames) works by putting maximum 3 inches apart for each frame.

No need for spot light for art works. Simply get the double movable down light and move one light to the artwork while the other faces down to the pathway.

#10 Carpets

Put a portion of the sofa over the area rug. It makes it look as if it’s under the sofa and it saves money.

#11 Pillow cases

Pattern on pattern is okay and layer each pillows on the sofa. Never display pillows diagonally! Simply because the pillow will fall and it wasn’t designed that way.

#12 Arranging frames

A lot of Filipino homes have displays of picture frames inch apart from each other in a consistent line. Do not be afraid to overlap each frame because your visitors are meant to pick it up and look at it closely. Also do not fear inconsistent frames. It adds character to the picture or your space.

#13 Ceiling

Dark colors does not necessarily make you space look smaller. In fact it even makes your ceiling infinite especially at night because the same color from the outside seemingly extends inside when you have a dark ceiling.

Wallpaper is also adds unique perspective on your ceiling. #14 Candles and Diffusers

Styling does not fall to your eyes only. Use all your senses. Candles and diffusers give mood to your space when you enter a room.

#15 Bookshelves

It doesn’t have to be all books. Actually it bookshelves makes a wonderful space for art works. Also your books don’t have to be consistent in vertical arrangement.

#16 Add depths by Lighting

Lighting creates depth and interest of space. It gives an illusion of more space when you play your lights properly.

For example put lights under your bed to trick the eye of thinking it is floating.

#17 Warm white lights

This light is your mood light. Use it in bed rooms, bathrooms and everywhere else except areas you need to focus like study room or kitchen.

#18 Hide personal stuff

Don’t expose your personal stuff like slippers or other things. Have specific space for them. Always imagine having visitors.

And because Christmas was near, they also gave us short tips about styling homes in holidays.

#1 Bringing out Christmas decors

Do not bring them all out! You will not need to use all of them especially when they don’t match your theme.

2 Never use Christmas message

Your visitors probably know its Christmas so no need to put it on your pillow covers. Instead design your home with a theme that speaks Christmas.

#3 Don’t leave Christmas Lights on at Night Use LED, they don’t burn.

#4 Keep in a Box

After Christmas, be sure to keep them nicely packed in a box and never forget to label them.

Overall I learned a lot about accessorizing and what to consider before buying any items to style my home. I also was fortunate to meet Ms. Jinky personally because we were able to talk about design and she also gave me meaningful advice.

Thank you Ms. Christine for the opportunity! Not only did I learn about styling but also was able to meet and learn from new inspiring people in the design community.

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