Bringing Luxury to Your Own Bathroom

By Celina Cruz

Ever felt like your bathroom needed a makeover? Did you know that you can make it look like you’re in a hotel? Fret no more! We’ve got the perfect tips on how you can achieve a bathroom as luxurious as those of first-class hotels.

But first, what makes a hotel bathroom? How is it different from regular bathrooms?

Hotel bathrooms follow a certain standard that fits the overall image of a hotel. They use certain materials and accessories to give their guests first-class comfort.

Yes, you can recreate a luxurious hotel bathroom in your own home! With the right accessories, toiletries, and materials, you won’t have to book a hotel room to experience the same feeling.


These are very important in making your bathroom more personal yet elegant. Small decorative plants can make your bathroom feel fresh and unique without having to worry about maintenance.

Decorative plants – Php 149.75 & Php 199.75 from SM Home


Adding fragrances to your bathroom can also help create a better ambience. You can purchase scented candles and diffusers with subtle yet pleasing scents that will keep your bathroom smell fresh. Choose from fresh scents like Clean Cotton, and Vanilla, or opt for unique scents like Watermelon & Tropical Blossom.

Bright Ideas Manila – Vanilla. Php 259.75 from SM Home

At Home – Watermelon + Tropical Blossom and Elderflower + Grapefruit. Php 199.75 for 120g & Php 399.75 for 230g from SM Home


Toiletries are very important in keeping the bathroom balanced and uniformed. Organizing your toiletries will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but can also be more convenient for you while you have all of them on a tray to keep them together. Choosing toiletries that have similar elements can also help keep your bathroom look unified.

J&S Home – 4-piece engraved bathroom set. Php 979.75 from SM Home

Black & Off-white stone toiletries. Price ranges from Php 300 – Php 500 from SM Home

White + Wood lotion dispenser and round tissue box. Php 249.75 each from SM Home

Home World wooden tray. Php 249.75 from SM Home

Bath towels. Prices range from Php 99.75 and above from SM Home

Racks and Rings

Towel racks and rings are usually available at hardware stores. Adding these will help keep your towels and by hanging them, wet and used towels can be easily dried. Keeping them hung on racks and rings also avoids any towels from falling and making them dirty.

Various towel racks. Ranges from Php 800 and above from Ace Hardware

Towel rings in matte and glossy metal finish. Ranges from Php 689.75 and above from Ace Hardware

Bonus tip! Add a robe hook at the back of your door for more convenience.

Other than the basics, here are 3 important tips that can help make your bathroom feel more like a luxurious hotel bathroom.

3 Important things to add to your bathroom:

  1. A huge vanity mirror

Bathroom Mirrors. Php 1,744.75 & Php 1,599.75 from Ace Hardware

2. LED bulb color

Other than the fragrance of your bathroom, changing your light bulb color from Daylight to Warm White can also give your bathroom a cozier ambience

3. Shower curtain or glass enclosure

Choosing the right enclosures can help not just for privacy but with the overall look of your bathroom. Solid-colored shower curtains of the right materials that don’t look too cheap or shabby can give a subtle elegance to your shower area. You can also opt for glass enclosures that will surely keep your shower area closed.


Robert Green Houseware shower rods. Php 369.75 from Ace Hardware

Robert Green solid color shower curtains available in White, Cream, Choco, and Burgundy. Php 569.75 from Ace Hardware

Cremona glass shower enclosure. Price for quotation from Ace Hardware


It might look a bit difficult but these items can be easily purchased at your local department and hardware stores! Just remember to keep a unifying element with your bathroom accessories while following these tips and you can achieve a luxurious and elegant hotel bathroom in no time.


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