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What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a large website for people to express their style and set trends around the world. Its virtual mood board function permits the users to add items in the shared product index, and utilize them to produce image collages that are also known as “sets”. Members can as well browse for inspiration, share with friends and interact with other members by leaving a comment and liking their sets. After becoming an amazing fashion community, Polyvore expanded through adding home into its categories. Polyvore could finally discover and create preferred interior styles.

Either you are looking for some trending outfit or home styles, or matching the items together, Polyvore can grant those desires. Unique talents of an individual are showcased.

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Review in Using Polyvore (polyvore.com) as a Decor Tool

Being included in the field of design, Polyvore is a convenient décor tool. Even as a beginner, I was encouraged to do more designs daily. In a brief moment, the handy tool helped me to express my style in design, especially in interior design. Using Polyvore is a fun learning experience. I get to try a faster and easier way to design by making a collage of the items. I find Polyvore an amazing website due to its convenient features and the fact that it helps users to develop impressive outputs. There is a feeling of fulfillment, as it seems I am creating similar to those in magazines. It is not just a working station, but also a community. Polyvore encourages interaction among the members. It is nice how I get to be in a community that loves design. There are groups, holding different kinds of contests that could spark interest for members to join. The website is truly worth taking a time to use as users could gain and plan new ideas. Just drag it up, organize, then voila! You have a masterpiece.

Polyvore brings out the unique talent in an individual. The passion for fashion and interior design inspires other members and influences trends.

How to Use Polyvore:

Making Polyvore sets may be confusing for beginner users of the website. The goal of this tutorial is to form the procedure as easy and clear as possible to grasp.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Go to Polyvore (polyvore.com).

2. Make an account. This step is optional. You could create sets even without an account. However, having an account allows you to save drafts, your creations, utilize the forum, and so forth. In order to make an account, you have to select “sign up” located on the upper right corner of the page.


Type in the information asked from you. You may also connect through your Facebook account, instead entering information.

Start designing! Follow the step by step guide below to create your own set.

Step by Step Guide in Creating Design or Mood Board

Point on to “create” on the home page.

Click “set” below “create”. It shall lead you into the editing space. The Polyvore editor allows you to form sets using various products.

Fill in your search. Type in your preferred item for your collage in the search box, or you can also browse by category. You may as well open new tabs if you’d like which are seen on the top of the search. Regarding the price, you may select a range on the upper right of the search. You can also use the color palette that contains 70 colors to redefine your search. If you want to browse for more of the items, go to the next page by clicking the arrow on the right.

Select and drag the items. If you found your preferred item, select and drag it on the black space with the label “create a collage”. If you want to view the specifications of an item, click on it.

Removing the Background

You can remove the background of your item through the following steps of two options.

First option

After adding your item to the editing space, click it. The item may consist of a colored or white background. In the upper corner of the create section, there are three vertical squares. To get rid of the background, the first step would be simply clicking the “hide image background” which is on the topmost part.

Some of the items from Polyvore are readily cropped. If not, you have to manually cut the item. You can use either the rectangle cropper if the goal is to cut it into four sides, or the polygon cropper if the intention is cutting it into an irregular form.

Adding Texts

To add a text into a set, click on the text icon as you are creating the set.


Publishing your Set

  1. When you have finished your creation, click “publish”. If you have an account, you may publish it for the entire Polyvore community to see. If you are not yet done with your set and if you intend to work on it later on, select “save draft” instead.

Tips and Tricks

  • The more active you are on Polyvore, the more recognition you will receive.
  • Keep the older sets that you did because this will let you to see your improvement and growth in the art of creating sets.
  • In order to have your collection featured on the home page or blog of Polyvore, send it to trends@polyvore.com. Make sure to include a useful title and description.
  • Create visually pleasing sets in order to help promote your group contests. Make frequent contents with the use of current trends to keep people active. Polyvore members are fond of trophy icons that’s why keep going until you acquire 50 members in each contest.
  • Don’t clutter your sets with multiple items, but don’t leave too many gaps as well. It makes your sets look organized and neat.
  • Invite Polyvore members to join your group by sending the member a message with the link of your group. Remember that some members might not want to join, therefore you should be respectful of this and not flood them with messages.
  • The more you comment and like the other sets, the more comments and likes you will tend to get. Polyvore is a great place to form friendships, so be nice when leaving a comment on their sets.
  • Unleash your creativity and have fun!
  • There are numerous templates in the template gallery. Point “create” and select “template” in order to make a template. In the editing space, click the “placeholder” button, then click “publish”.
  • It is important when you size and layer your items. Try keeping smaller items in the outside, while the bigger items in the center. This tip will make your eyes roam around all through the set.


Written by: Peaches Manlangit peaches.cmvinteriordesigns@gmail.com

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