Design Ideas: How To Store or Display Your Sneaker Collection

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Got a new pair of sneakers that you can add to your collection? Wondering about how to store them in a visually appealing way, without destroying their good quality long term? No worries! Here are ways to help you organize your collection of sneakers, despite the size of your home. Scroll down for awesome ideas.


Why hide your cool sneakers in the closets when you can brag by displaying them on shelves around the room. When placing your sneakers on shelves, remember to keep the styles consistent on each shelf and put an even space between them so they won’t look cluttered.


(photo by Commonwealth Manila)                            (photo by Urban Athletics @ Conrad Hotel)



Keeping your sneakers inside the boxes will result in a more organized closet and ensure your footwear remains in pristine condition. To identify which sneaker to use, take a photograph of the pair of shoes and take it to the front of its box.


(photo by HGTV)                              (photo by Leonie Lowenherz Mode & Lifestyle Blog)



It is time to bring out the creativity and the resourcefulness in you. If you find an extra plywood or any recyclable materials strong enough to hold a pair of shoes, you can turn it into an open box shelf. This is excellent for people who loves doing “DIY products”. Anyone can do this by themselves. In order to add interest and to achieve a dimensional effect, use different-sized boxes, painted with preferred colors.

(photo from Thea Manila)



Wide space has to be maximized. One solution is the usage of a center island. Placing your sneaker collection in the middle of the room makes them stand out. Sneakers to be placed on the center island are easy to reach and these may include your everyday footwear.

(photo from The Social Foot)



In order to attain a high-class boutique for your closet, keep your amazing sneaker collection behind a glass material. Each and every favorite sneaker will stay visible. This will create a high-end appeal through the glass barrier.

(photo from Adidas)

(photo from DIY Build)



Adding lighting to your sneaker collection shelves will showcase the beautiful works of art in them. You can either use warm white for a luxurious ambiance, or bright white for simplicity. You can use lighting on all of your sneakers or only on the unique ones you have.

(photo from Urban Athletics @ Conrad Hotel)


Another kind of storage that unleashes one’s creativity is by creating an abstract idea and translating it into a design. The examples in the picture include usage of shoes and stairs because we take a step using our foot (left), and angled shelves giving an impression of falling apart (right). You can think and do anything when conceptualizing, while taking note of certain considerations so it will not be overwhelming or off-style.

(photo from Adidas)

(photo from a residence using IKEA Product)



Not only that it has visual appeal, but it also looks more organized than just having your sneakers laying around everywhere. It has a multipurpose function, as it can also stand next to the front door where guests could put their shoes on. When you decide to use this type of storage, look for a wooden ladder at the flea market.

(photo from A pair and A spare website)



The shoe hive helps you organize a family’s shoe collection. Placing your sneakers in these holes, built from lightweight PVC pipes, will keep them in shape and easy to locate.

(photo from Decorating your wall space website)



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