Cool & Stylish Aircon Units For Your Home

Cool & Stylist Aircons for Your Home

By Celina Cruz

Air conditioning units, also known as aircons is one of the must-have appliances for every home – especially when you’re in a tropical country such as the Philippines. Most aircons may not be exactly as aesthetically pleasing as one’s interior, since its function is usually the priority instead of its physical attributes. That doesn’t stop us from searching for air conditioners that can actually enhance your space – wouldn’t that be cool?

Window type 

  1.  Panasonic Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Window type air conditioners are usually in colors like White or Eggshell White. Though this particular unit is in White, the addition of the color Black helps create a much sleeker look that makes it stand out.

  1. Hitachi Rapid Cooling Air Conditioner

The matte silver finish at the bottom helps complete a subtle, more stylish look with the Pearl White body.

  1. Hitachi Window type with DC Inverter

The matte silver finish makes this air conditioner different from the usual neutral-colored cooling units. Unlike the previous air conditioner, the silver element takes up majority of the body.


Split Type

  1. Panasonic Sky Series

Other than its unique design, this air conditioner features Radiant Cooling. This cooling unit also embodies the elegance and pursuit of perfection inherent in Japanese design philosophy. It is sleek and makes it a luxurious complement to designer interior.

  1. Panasonic Aero Series

The Aero Series features a slim profile that is complimented with a metal finish. The photo doesn’t give justice to its classy tone with a soft, pearly glow from its lustrous pearl finish in real life.

  1. LG Split Air Conditioner

This particular air conditioner caught my attention for the Red accent which gives it a subtle, bold image that can complement one’s space.

(actual photo not available)


Free-standing Type

  1. Samsung Free-standing Air conditioner

This ACU is simple yet its not as boxy and rigid as the usual aircon. Somehow its texture, proportions, and its simplicity achieves a very stylish look that isn’t boring.

  1. Carrier Designer Series

With its matte black finish, this aircon will definitely catch your attention. The black body is complimented with a silver chrome finish.

  1. Samsung Turbo cooling free-standing AC

This is not your usual air conditioner and by far my favorite out of the bunch. The shape isn’t as boxy, and I find it interesting how it uses three spiral airflows which cools the entire house more quickly and efficiently. It also includes an amazing air purifying technology, ‘Virus Doctor’, which neutralizes all harmful contaminants in the air, including bacteria that resist physical filtration, and turns them into harmless water vapor.



Although the physical attributes of air conditioning units are usually overlooked in homes, searching beyond the usual ACU forms can really help enhance one’s space. Aircons can be cool & stylish too!

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