10 Tips on How to Make Your Home a Pet-Friendly Space

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Any pet you have, we always treat them as our own children or part of the family. As a pet owner, we give them the love and safety so they could be with us for a long time.


We don’t know what comes to their mind so we should be cautious on what we put on our home. We will help you create the pet-friendly space, so our pets will feel safe and comfortable because it’s important for their overall wellbeing and so as the pet owner.

  • Secure the Garbage

Garbage gives different varieties of smell because we throw different items in there. The different smell it gives attracts our pets to come because they are curious and of course we have to prevent that. It is full of materials that are toxic or even lethal to your pets, so you don’t want them getting into it. Be sure your garbage is secured and can’t be accessed by a pet.

  • Décor? Is it safe?

Home without décor won’t always be complete but, it’s dangerous for our companions if they are fragile. Especially if they are tall or just loves to run around your home it’s dangerous if they accidentally hit the décor expensive or not. It’s better if we put limited decors. Decors who are heavy and don’t easily break are the safest choice. We limit the fragile ones like items that are made of glass or porcelains.

  • Space

Space is very important to our pets because they love to play around and stay one place to another. It’s safer if there’s a bigger space for them to walk, run or wriggle. Animal-friendly spaces are free of places where pets might become lost or stuck without access to food and water.

  • Cover it up!

If you can’t resist letting your pets on your furniture, go for materials that won’t be dramatically affected by wear and will be easy to clean. Materials like leather and ultra-suede will be perfect options for your furry friends. Covers sewn from washable fabrics are the wisest, most affordable choice.


  • Play Time!

Store pet toys throughout the house or incorporate pet play stations into the décor. Attach trendy shelves for cats to climb above their scratching post. Designate a toy box in the playroom for doggos’ toys and teach him to fetch those instead of the kids’ toys. Making pet playtime easy keeps them from chewing your shoes and other things that he thinks that’s a toy. Check this DIY pet toy box.


  • Sweet dreams

Most of the pets love to stay next to their hoomans. Incorporating beds into the décor of several rooms avoids extra chores and keeps pets feeling safe. Have their beds (and litter boxes) located in comfortable places that aren’t too isolated, if pets don’t feel comfortable with a space, they are unlikely to use it.


  • Indoor plants

Many common household plants are toxic to animals and we should be aware of it. If you have cats, lilies can cause kidney failure for them. Other toxic plants to pets are: amaryllis, poinsettia and aloe vera. You may search on line those plants that are toxic for your pets.


  • Sunshine

We usually have our pets inside our home but they definitely have to get some sunshine. Build a seat by the window so cats can curl up in the sun, give birds a good view of the birds in the yard, and make sure doggos has lots of light while your clients are at work. Give our pets a bright, happy place to spend their day while also keeping them safe.



  • Safety is the best policy.

Make sure to keep breakables out of the reach of wagging tails. Always try seeing things from a “pet point of view”, and keep anything that could choke, electrocute or suffocate an animal. Keep electrical cords hidden or covered by having the TV stand against the wall or feeding cords into a box that animals can’t open. Look out for similar risks and account for those as well. It’s also important to keep human foods and medications out of reach as well we wouldn’t want them to get harmed or get sick.

  • Fooooood!

Food is the most important thing we should give to our pets. Humans aren’t the only one who should enjoy their food but also, our little companions. We should let them eat comfortably consider bowls that are raised off the ground on stands to keep the food more contained and discourage bugs or rodents searching for crumbs. If you don’t like them eating messy try adding a plastic placemat under their food bowls it is easier to clean than the floor. Check out this DIY Place mat for pets or check out this comical mat you can order online.


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