Woodsville Viverde Mansions

Collaboration of ideas with our client and design team. As much as possible, we want to transform the space with much better air flow and to maximize the natural light. We want to have bigger and better master bedroom and ample space for all the clothes, luggage, and diving gears of our client. The living room, with sliding glass partition serves as guest room with functional sofa bed.

We are really happy with the layout and the outcome. Enriching the lifestyle of our client is our number ONE goal.

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During our preliminary meeting, our client defines which item to maintain and to let go. She even mentioned to us her existing acacia wood planks at her guest bedroom. We decided to highlight the wood by placing it on common area like dining room so that even their visitors and friends can admire the stunning wood grain features of this acacia wood.

During that time, her 60 square meters condo unit have 3 small bedrooms. Even for the master bedroom, it was too small and there is no enough space to lounge and enjoy. So, me and my team decided to open up the space by creating movable dividers like sliding glass door and knock down dry walls that previously enclose each room. Since we are removing some walls, we are required to replace the floor finish because of the existing marks of the partitions. I know in my heart that our client have immediate need for storage space and creating a simple nice flow from her bedroom+to walk in closet+to bathroom would be such as great help and relieve.

After the renovation


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