Work it, Make it, Do it, Makes us Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

-Blog title from “Stronger” lyrics by Kanye West

Most of the people I know would say that I am not a bookworm/ library geek/ book lover and I definitely agree with them. I’m a visual type of a person and ideas are clicking right in front of me every time I see new design techniques through photos, travels and now social media like Instagram. Honestly, I would sometimes skip the captions and browse pages from books and magazines and focus on the art/ illustrations or advertising campaign that excites me.

Every morning, I start my day by browsing my design books, magazines or newsletters from my favorite designer brands and furniture shops around the world. This habit of mine started 6 years ago and for me, it’s like working out, going to the gym and keeping my design skills fit. I also encourage my design team to browse on latest trends and style through newsletters, social media and visit local art and design events.

Here’s The Top 3 Habits I would like to share to keep my design skills fit


  1. Regular visit at local bookstores.

Never underestimate your spare time at the mall. While waiting for my appointment, I always head to the nearest bookstore and browse for design magazines and latest books on the rack.

sign up

  1. Subscribe or sign up for newsletter and blog of your favorite brand.

Start your day by opening those newsletters or design blog feeds. It will help your visual presentation techniques and will update you on the latest trends.


  1. Travel and visit museum/ art exhibits.

I know, sometimes it can be boring but paying a visit to your nearby museum really helps. It will help you get design inspiration and enhance your design skills.

My Favorite Book This Month


I’m a big fan of art workshop books and I will definitely learn a lot of art skills and techniques from this book.

Design Team’s Favorite Book


Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman

If your are a crafty person, you can try to read this book. It’s packed with different decorating/ styling tips and lots of do-it-yourself ideas that you will enjoy

-Rose Resoles, design supervisor


Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley

As a mom, it’s difficult for me to keep things organized. This book will help moms like me in getting great ideas and guides on how to design a perfect home and living with an organized room with kids.

-Jelyn Soriano, design consultant


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