How to estimate wall paint and wallpaper

In choosing which type of wall finish to use on my interior depends on the approved design direction and budget of my client. Sometimes, a splash of color or textured pattern on wall can complete the overall look and ambiance that both my client and I want to achieve. Personally, I prefer textured wall paper with bold patterns for my accent walls, since this material is a bit expensive than paint, I typically select major areas that might create a visual impact for the space I design.

Here are some of the estimate guide I used during interior renovation that might help your DIY projects at home.


  1. Manual Paint estimate

step 1) Get the size of the area that you needed to paint step 2) Remember: 1 gallon of paint can cover up to 10 square meters Step 3) If you have 20 square meters, then you will need 2 gallons of paint

2. Davies Paint Calculator via

davies paint calculator.jpg     3. Materials and surface preparation needed

Step 1) Especially for concrete walls, you need to apply first the neutralizer Step 2) Apply acrylic concrete primer and sealer Step 3) Then, apply latex putty to hide imperfections and rough surface Step 4) Then, apply latex paint in 2 coats or depending on your preferred amount of coating

4. Local Paint Suppliers

Boysen Paint: 292 D. Tuazon St. 1115 Quezon City # 364-3505 to 09

Davies Paints: all Wilcon Builders Depot Inc

Nippon Paint: 845-1176

5. Some of the projects we did using different color of paint as accent wall




  1. Manual wallpaper estimate

Step 1) Get the size of the area where you want to install your wallpaper Step 2) Check if the surface is flat and smooth, if not, you might need to prepare the surface before applying the wallpaper Step 3) 1 roll is equivalent to 5 square meters of coverage, if your wallpaper has intricate pattern, you might need to get extra rolls for allowance

2. Material and surface preparation needed

Step 1) On a perfect, flat and smooth wall surface you will only need the wallpaper roll and adhesive Step 2) Estimate how many rolls you will need and secure stocks to avoid delay during installation Step 3) For wallpaper with texture and patterns you need to be precise on the layout to match the pattern

3. How many square meters does 1 roll of wall paper can cover?

1 wallpaper roll can cover 5 square meters

4. Sample computation

Wall measurement: 5 meters length x 2.70 meters height = 13.50 sq. mtrs or 3 rolls of wallpaper

5. Local wallpaper supplier

DM Wallpaper: 2392 Pres. Sergio Osmena Manila # 524-6811/ 208-8043

CWC Industries Inc.: 2 Zaragoza St. Quezon City # 714-1115

6. Sample projects that we used wallpaper as accent wall

grams 3.jpg


IMG_3089 copy


Wallcrown: Unit CS 242 Home Depot BGC Taguig # 291-1272









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