Live+Dine+Chill in 1 pad @ The Knightsbridge Residences Makati City

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Well-planned layout is the perfect way to describe this project.  We maximize every inch of this space to fit my client’s lifestyle. We both want to achieve homey, cozy and child friendly environment and with the use of space-saving products, wall mounted organizers and cabinet maximizing storage, we are able to achieve their requirements… a place where they can Live+Dine+Chill.


They bought this unit at The Knightsbridge Residences (unfurnished) with built in closet and kitchen cabinets. We maintained the kitchen cabinet and replaced the closet with bigger and better compartments to fit their needs.

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We maximize the closet space from 900mm width (existing) to 1400mm width (new) and added sliding door to save floor space and mirror to provide illusion of more space.

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Since we don’t have enough space to create side table for phone, table lamp, etc. I designed a headboard with ledge and lighting where they can place their phone, books and other urgent bedside items. The headboard also served as divider or wall to provide privacy. Since this is a studio unit, all sprinklers, smoke detector and even ventilation system are planned only for studio unit requirements  that’s why the admin did not allow us to build floor to ceiling partition or modules.


The divider/ headboard is open on the other side as ledge while on the other side becomes mirror wall and cabinet/ storage on the bottom part. The TV cabinet can accommodate 40″-50″ LED TV with enough space for cable digital box and DVD player. The dining area was placed near the TV where they can dine and unwind.

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Luckily, we found perfect dining set that fits our design and fits 4 people. Ready made furniture pieces from local store now offer sleek and smaller pieces that fits the lifestyle of new condo-unit owners. Feel free to visit Landmark, SM Home and Mandaue Foam for your ready made condo-unit furniture needs that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

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