10 TIPS before moving in to your first Condo Unit

Wow! Congratulations! You bought your 1st home and I’m so sure that you’re family and friends are so excited to see you very first place.

One of the most amazing feeling (at least for me) is when you finally have your own space to chill, sleep and relax with personalized design according to your lifestyle. Most of my clients have their visions for the space like “I want more storage here” “I need longer kitchen counter top” or “My kids want their own study area” and so much more. Since we are dealing with small space at condominium units, my work is to maximize every inch of that space to make it more livable and useful.

Before moving in, try to visualize and imagine your lifestyle within that space. What do you wish to do with your unit? How many person (s) you wish to fit in there?

If you’re one of those unit owners who wants to personalize and design their own condo unit space, I have suggestions that might help you (before you move in)

Before you move in…

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Tip 1:  List down what you want to have and already have (inventory of you existing furniture, appliances, etc.)

How many books do you have? How big is your TV set? How many shoes and clothes are you planning to bring and fit in to your new closet? How big is you ref and will it fit in to your new ref space?

Unless to wish to buy all-new items for your new condo unit, you might want to get full inventory of your existing items that you wish to bring at your new place. Get full details like size (height x width x depth) and even the quantity. Double check if that existing item will fit in to your new place.

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Tip 2: Know your lifestyle

Do you wish to entertain guest? Do you have ample space for 4 or 6 seater dining set? Do you wish to have bedroom that is convertible to living room and are you comfortable sleeping in sofa bed?

Know exactly what you usually do and imagine your lifestyle. From there you can start working on your space layout and which furniture piece should go first (shoe rack near entrance door? dining table or bar counter for your dining needs?)


Tip 3: Plan and imagine the most workable layout for you 

Is your 2-bedroom unit provides small and narrow bedspace? Why not convert it into 1 bigger and better 1 bedroom to fit your queen size bed and huge closet space?


Tip 4: Inquire for your building admin rules and guidelines (delivery time, construction bonds)

If you’re planning to do minor or major renovation for your new condo unit, you might need to ask first your building admin for the rules and guidelines. Most of the condo unit admin requires floor plan (signed and sealed by Licensed Interior Designer or Licensed Architect) for your major renovation needs like new partitions, new ceiling design and floor to ceiling cabinet. Building admin usually requires construction bond that is refundable after unit renovation. Delivery time for most condo unit around Metro Manila is between 9 am to 5 pm only, so if you bought items from furniture store make sure to inform them about the allowed delivery time.


Tip 5: Adapt to City Life

Get yourself used to heights, overlooking view of tall buildings around you and shared lobby and hallways. Good thing about living at your condo unit is that… they are strategically located near your office, restaurant, shopping malls, schools and hospital.

IMG_0634 copy

Tip 6: Set up work space and online ready corner

City Life+Work at Home——– decent desk is a must!

Set up a desk for your urgent office task and it can also serve as dressing table for “5 minute on-the-go Make up” or this desk can also be your kid’s study table for homework.


Tip 7: Know your style and color combination you like

All white walls with bright color accent? good for you! it works all the time 😉

Add mirrors plus light colored curtains and you’re good to go. SM Home world and Landmark Makati branch have wide range of stylish and affordable decorative mirrors and area rug.


Tip 8: Know your budget

How much money do you wish to spend for your condo unit enhancement? are you going to live there for couple of years or just months?

Know exactly how much your budget is and stick to it no matter what. We all want what is best out of our money and we want great investment. If you’re going for long term use… try to invest on good quality pieces that are timeless, durable and affordable.

(Home Depot photos credit to owner)




Tip 9: Visit Home Depot and Hardwares for your DIY home improvement project

Since you want to stick with your budget, you can also try to install your home improvement needs with items from these home depots. They have wide range of renovation needs like tools (electric drill, hammer, tile cutter) bathroom fixture and even furniture pieces. You can save a lot of money if you will be the one who’s going to install the artwork your wife/ husband bought and hang it on your wall.


Tip 10: Hire Professionals

You painted the walls with the color you like, you bought the furniture pieces you think you like, and even installed the artworks you like but deep inside you… you think there is something awkward and wrong. You tried to drill and replace the light fixtures but it won’t work. By this time, you already realized that you need professionals who can help you with your renovation needs. Hiring professionals before the renovation starts can save you time, money and effort especially when you think you can’t do the job. As for our job as Interior Designers, we plan (as much as possible) everything in drawings before we proceed with renovation. Through the help of computer aided design and concept boards, we can actually see and visualize if the color combination, design, and furniture layout works well. We can help you achieve the look through renderings before actual construction and it is cost effective that way.

I hope you’ll find this topic helpful and thank you for reading my post 😉

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Have a great day ahead 😉