Luxe Living at The Gramercy Residences

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Talk of the town, the most in-thing and popular club lounge in the Metro today
71 Gramercy, located at the 71st floor of this astonishing private residences…The Gramercy

For this unit, I decided to go for violet accents since were dealing with gold and yellow tones on the bed sheets.

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My client already owns this gorgeous queen size bed frame with drawers on both sides

(for additional storage)
and I’m loving it. I am inspired with the beautiful things and collection that my client already have. My designs were not “all new” because I want it to be more practical and personalized so I usually dig in to my client’s collection and inventory items and put them in use.

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From the original location of TV (facing bed) my client and I decided to relocate it to create proper living and entertainment area at living and dining room.

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I’m lovin’ this classic-European table lamp that was shipped directly from Scotland.

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My client wants to have a little bit of privacy at the bed space and we used glass partition to maximize the natural light during daytime.

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The closet size is around 60 depth and 90 length CM that was already provided by the developer (Century Properties) upon turn over. To make our budget work, we didn’t get rid of the existing built in closet and we purchased small dresser desk with mirror and drawers.

Mirrors… Mirrors… Mirrors… such a big help when you’re dealing with small space. It instantly gives you illusion of space.

We also added some tiles as splash back for excess water and oil while cooking/ using the kitchen.

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