Life after wedding day


Our wedding day


That was 2 years ago? time flies when you’re having fun! 😉


I’m one of those little girls who grew up reading books and watching fairy tales so I have this idea on my mind with perfect ending at their wedding day with caption “And they all lived happily ever after” the end. But seriously, wedding day is just the start of new beginning, new journey and a whole new world.

Being married to your friend, lover, and life coach is truly inspiring. Jeff inspires me to be at my best and allows me to enhance my skills that I never thought I had it in me. Marriage thought me a lot of things and household management is one of those freaking things! As in I freak out for weeks or even months after our wedding day… that I have to do household chores, organizing our closet space, making sure there’s cooked food on the table and being expert in cleaning surfaces! Hahaha


Scenario: Moving together after wedding day

So you got your own stuff and he got his own… and did I mentioned his whole collection of Star wars, Marvel superheroes, Lord of the rings action figures, Toy cars and so much more? While you (wifey) got tons and tons of shoes and dresses and you both can’t figure out how to organize it. Well, we’ve been dealing with this dilemma for weeks after we moved in together. And after we unpacked all the boxes, we decided to make all his collections as part of our home decor (Darth Vader invades our living room) while most of my shoes, dresses and bags were kept in our walk in closet.


Suggestion #1: Know his and her style preferences for your home

As you move in together, perhaps you already figured out the style and preferences you both want for your home. List down your inventory like the items that you will both bring inside your house. Once you know the items that you want to keep, it should be easy for both of you to decide where to place and settle those precious items. For me, it feels homey and nostalgic to see a house with owner’s collection and priced possession rather than decors with no connection to their personality.


Suggestion #2: Explore the possibilities of your blank canvas— your house

Imagine your life on this new house of yours… what do you want to do? what is your main focus? do you want to entertain guest? do you love to cook? Being on this new place and new life is such a big leap for newly weds. I even experienced sleepless nights because I’m “namamahay” but that didn’t stop me in building my life around my new home so explore yours too. I have imagined that upon entering the house, my guest can lounge and relax at the living room and then while I’m cooking for them, my guest can have conversations with me while they are sitting at the breakfast nook and bar stools. After dinner, we can hang out at family area next to our dining room where we can sing along at our DIY karaoke set up. And oh… in the morning… I want to water my herbs and harvest on my own backyard farm. Explore endless possibilities in your house and remember to work around your budget.


Suggestion #3: Setting up your kitchen

Every home, every flat, every condo unit or even studio apartment needs a functional kitchen. Whether you cook your own food or not, this is very important for you and your guest. When I got married, I didn’t know how to cook or even use most of the kitchen tools and equipment. My only background for this aspect is when we were role playing as home makers at our playhouse when I was 7-9 years old. Believe me, when you’re there… you don’t have a choice but to force yourself to learn how to use your kitchen, cook your own food and maintain it as “squeaky clean” as possible. If you still have no idea where to begin with, you can start by creating a checklist of the things you want to do when you’re in the kitchen. Do you want to prepare snacks? set up toaster and fruit shake blender corner. Do you want to lounge, relax or detox? set up espresso maker or juicer corner. List down all the equipment that you wish or already have and then your kitchen designer.. “ehem-ehem”… will work around it. If you’re having hard time explaining to your carpenter your kitchen renovation idea, this might be the right time to call for expert advise to help and guide you to organize your kitchen and creating maximum storage capacity for all of your kitchen needs.


Suggestion #4: Add personal touch

Always have a small corner for all of the collections, toys, or display items you already own. Collaborate what you already have with the new items you wish to add to your space. Never forget that those small items were part of your past. Another way to add personal touch to your home is by framing all your photos together with family and friends and display it in most visible area inside the house. This will bring warm and joy to your house and guest can appreciate that you cherish those moments by displaying it on your living room wall.


Suggestion #5: Create his and her side on your bed

Always remember to provide small corner for you and your husband’s items at night stand. On this area, you can place your cellphone, jewelries, bible, photos or even books as part of your routine before you sleep. It is important to have your cellphone within your reach (and never put your phone under your pillow) To make it more fun and homey, try to set up your bedside table top with small decor or display items that reflects your personality. His side can have toys, books or magazines while yours (wifey) can have picture frame, lucky charms and scented candle.

Wedding day is the most wonderful moment for newly wed couple but life after wedding day is the most important part. A lot of adjustments and financial planning are being made. Be grateful for what you have and also dream big! Life is full of surprises and if God is at the center of our hearts and homes we can be sure that He will guide us in our coming days.

Hope you’ll find this helpful and have a nice day!

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