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That aaahhh—haaaah feeling when you finally arrived at your hotel or resort destination. Where you will find most of the relaxing colors, natural materials and textures that resembles soft and calming atmosphere. Most of the beach resorts and hotels we know were planned, studied and designed by group of Architects, Designers, Engineers with close coordination with Food and Beverage team plus House Keeping and more. These group of people work together to form and create luxurious ambiance you’ll need to enjoy the place.

But seriously, It takes hard work, patience and time in planning this type of project because you are not just creating a place to stay but you are also creating a lifestyle which will affect the lives of the future occupants and visitors of the place.

My journey in resort and hotel design started at college where we have to design for plates and imaginary projects. I was not convinced enough with my grades on this subject so I decided to hone my skills by entering on Design Company that specializes on this field. As soon as I realized that I am good at details and drawings I took that ”leap of faith” and decided to take those knowledge into actual construction like in first hand to hand combat.


I got my self a job at Thunderbird Resorts as in-house interior designer. From that experience, I gained more knowledge in designing for hotel and resort design. We were trained to design interior spaces that will match our overall theme for the resort “Santorini-Greece”.


This is the model unit set up I did for Chloe Villa which will be part of rental program. These villas were meant to use as hotel or spacious accommodation for customers who prefer 2-3 bedrooms in 1 villa. Since we have blue and white color theme for our Architecture, I also derived my interior concepts from that color scheme. Most of my accent pieces here were from Rustan’s Makati and SM Homeworld.

The center piece from this dining set were from Rustan’s. I love their decorative and artificial flowers. And with the help from their talented stylist, I was able to achieve the look that I want for my model unit set up.

11201163_990974267609593_1032076895282705497_n 11222416_989876994385987_5510151924459921488_n

Here are some mood boards I made to help my readers achieve that resort style living room.

11012776_974918735881813_593998449526122021_n 11133819_971149439592076_3293320041215768951_n

To help my readers achieve that resort ambiance for their living room or balcony, I have attached in this blog the list of the outdoor furniture stores that I used for my previous projects and some stores that I would like to use for my future projects.

(visit my DISCOVER page on this website)

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