Designing a transition from kid’s to teen’s bedroom


n designing for kid’s bedroom, we always want to use light colors, soft furnishings and graphic or cartoon character decors to stimulate child’s interest and creativity.

Here are some of my ideal colors to use for your kid’s bedroom (this one is for girls)

pink blossom




aquatic blue


light peach


Some of my ideas and theory (since I’m still on the process of having kids)
Here are some of the list that might help you on decorating your Kid’s room

1. Provide lots and lots of storage for toys
2. Use accent chair with soft texture and no sharp edges. Pick a classic sofa that won’t look too cartoonish, this way, you can still re-use the item as the child grows up
3. If you want to put additional lighting like lamps, use wall lamp which you can install fixed on the wall, by doing this, you can avoid falling or breaking the lamps.
4. It is ideal to purchase a bed that is relatively low, without foot panel and look for available detachable side rail to protect your child from falling out of bed. You can also select a sturdy and durable classic bed that will last long.
5. Rugs or play pen are optional. Be sure that it is properly installed (secure with rubber stopper underneath) Having rugs with graphics or alphabet adds playful ambiance throughout the room.


Since you already invested on furniture pieces, we can start by re-using them and add additional furnishings to complete the overall teen-look. Selecting a theme for your teen’s room can be tough, you have to know more about your child’s preferences and personality in order to achieve the right design for her. This concept was designed without a particular client but I hope this would help you understand the design techniques that I want to share.

butter yellow

BUTTER YELLOW — neutralize the room by splashing a lot of this tone

hot pink

HOT PINK — some serious pink overload here


BLACK — little bit of black as lining and accent (too much black can lead to rock star look)

silvery moss

SILVERY MOSS — I love this tone, you can also use this as wall color or color swatch for bedding

In designing teen’s room, you must.. and always consider the personality of your teen. Allow her to share some photos or pegs that she would like to put on her room. There’s no right or wrong design here, teen stage can be experimental and creative. Here are some of the list that might help you on designing for your Teen’s room

1. Provide dresser table with drawers, mirror and proper lighting. As we all know, our little girl is now exploring her personality and even starting to wear lip gloss or styling her hair.
2. Full drape curtain. She can now handle long drapes and curtain. She would love to have sheer or dramatic black out fabric.
3. Buy her chic and iconic chandelier. She will love decorative lamp hanging from the center of her room.
4. Change bedding. Select a bed cover with sophisticated patterns that reflects her personality and overall color theme.
5. Re-paint, re-upholster and re-use whatever furniture she likes. It is important to have something old and something new in her environment to make her feel at home.

I hope this would help!

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