Creating your own herb garden


Basil is at it’s most pungent when fresh. The best time to harvest is just as the plant starts to bud. Basil is perfect for salad, pasta and more.

During my free time, I usually trim, harvest or plant new seedlings on my mini-backyard farm. I am lucky enough to have enough space for my relaxing garden routine. It is very therapeutic for me to watch my seedlings grow and produce food or herbs for my recipe.

To give you better idea on where to find or buy these lovely herbs you may visit:
1. Greenhills Shopping center (in front of Chapel) where you can find stalls that offers both perennial plants and herbs
2. Bureau of Plant Industries (or BPI) located the San Andres Malate Manila. Coming from Taft Avenue Baclaran bound turn right at Quirino Avenue.

From my backyard farm, I usually use basil, rosemary, Italian oregano, onion chives for my culinary needs. But there are so many options of herbs and I tried to google the name of the plants I saw from the store.


Dahong Maria -antioxidant and medicinal plant


Citrosa Plant -known as mosquito repellant plant

italian oregano

Italian Oregano is often called “the pizza herb” for it’s distinct hearty flavor that pairs so well with tomato. It is spicy enough to be delicious in Mexican cuisine, like salsas or chili-flavored dishes, yet mild enough to be the best oregano variety for Italian and Greek food.

mexican oregano

Mexican oregano this type of oregano, grown in Mexico or California, has a very different flavor than the Mediterranean oregano—stronger and bitter. More robust than Greek, this oregano stands up to the stronger flavors used in Mexico cooking such as hot chilli peppers and cumin, which could overwhelm the more delicate oregano from the Mediterranean.


Rosemary plant are known to have disease preventing and health properties. Fresh rosemary leaves are good source of antioxcidant vitamin and vitamin c. The herb is used to flavor in salads, soups, baked vegetables and meat dishes. Rosemary goes well with tomatoes aubergine, potato, zucchinis. Finely chopped fresh leaves are used in the preparation of delicious sauteed rosemary potato.

stevia plant

Stevia Plant is a sweetner and sugar substitute extracted from leaves of the plant species. Dried stevia leaves are crushed to replace sugar in teas, sorbets and more


Terragon is used in green salad or marinate to fish, lamb and poultry. Terragon herb is one of the main ingredients in French bearnaise sace, a hot emulsified butter sauce made of clarified butter, egg yolks, shallot, chervil, pepper corn, and terragon vinegar.


Thyme is a highly aromatic herb which grows especially in dry and sunny conditions. Thyme was associated with health and vigor, and believed to strengthen and purify the body. Thyme is widely used is Italian cooking— when cooking the thyme be sure to add it early in the process so the oils and flavor have time to be released.

To know more about plants and herbs you may visit the following websites for more information

Hope you’ll enjoy reading my post and thank you very much!



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