Lighten Up!


Before I even thought and have the guts on developing my own interior design practice, I became Junior Interior Designer (at SONGSONG+PERIQUET ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGN) to my mentors and Godfather IDr. Ogie Periquet and Arch. Joel Songsong. Most of their projects involves hotel design, residential model unit design, restaurant design, and high end villas.

CIMG6102 CIMG6106

With their guidance and training, I learned some of their design approach when it comes to developing ambiance using right placement and right amount of lighting.

Hotel and commercial design were my weak points during my study of interior design (college days). So, I decided to find a design firm where I can hone my skills and develop my practice. During my stay at their firm, I always listen to their instructions and guidance like a hungry apprentice who wants to learn more every single day. I even remember Sir Ogie said to me “you should know your designs by your heart and not by your mind, because if you know it by heart, you’ll never forget it”


As I go along, I travel, explore and stumble upon places where I acquire inspiration for my designs. On this photo, you’ll see the ceiling and lighting design of shopping mall/ commercial district insideResorts World Sentosa Singapore. On this ceiling layout, they used “statement chandeliers” to highlight their ceiling. This is a great ceiling design idea if you have plain walls and minimal design on your room or space.


I took this photo near Fullerton Hotel at Singapore. Good thing my digi-cam has “nightlife mode” and it captures the actual colors of the lighting of the place.


I was also inspired by this photo which I took at Marina Bay Sans at Singapore.


This photo was taken from Azure Urban Residences at Bicutan Paranaque developed by Century Properties. Inside this real estate development, you’ll find this beach club designed by Paris Hilton. Imagine the huge impact of architectural lighting on this building, it was amazing! and I believe they used LED strip lights to illuminate the whole building.

Here are some of my projects:

add to website 2 ella

we used: warm white directional lighting


we used: directional lighting in warm white with table lamp

grams 2

we used: directional light and table lamp

IMG_0600 copy

we used: LED color changing strip light as cove lighting, directional lights to highlight artworks and walls, ceiling lamp+ceiling fan

IMG_0646 copy

we used: directional lighting and pelmet lighting

IMG_0692 copy

we used: down light and spot lights to highlight the menu board

IMG_0755 copy

we used: directional light, floor lamp and down light inside the new and custom designed TV cabinet

IMG_1164 copy

we used: LED strip light at cove ceiling and directional light to highlight artworks and walls


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